2014 – 2015 SY


2014 – 2015 School Year Budget


Below is information about PWCS’s proposed FY 2015 Budget.  There are three parts to this page:

(1) Summaries of PWCS’ proposed budget & updates of it

(2) Questions from the Gainesville / Brentsville district budget committee and responses received from the school division.

(3)  Commentary and opinions from the PWC Ed Reform team.


Proposed 2014 – 2015 Budget & CIP 

The Superintendent proposed the 2014 – 2015 school bear budget at the Feb 5, 2014 school board meeting (see here – budget begins on page 12).  Highlights of the budget include the following:

  • a 2% salary increase for faculty and staff.  1% of the increase is from the state and will wash out as it goes directly to VRS.  The other 1% is from PWCS.
  • a 1 student reduction in class sizes in 6th grade in Math, English, History, and Science.
  • hiring 4 new ESOL interpreters, one coordinator for benefits due in large part to the complexity of the VRS & HCRA, and one accountant

VRS rate increases resulted in an increase in retirement contributions of $16 million.  Health care costs are projected to increase 4%.  At the present it appears that those costs will be absorbed by PWCS and not passed along to faculty and staff as increases in premiums or deductibles.

The CIP proposes spending $52.269 million on renewals (see here – renewals begin on page 12).  Money to pay for these renewals will come from bond issuances of $25 million and from a carry forward of “savings” from the 2013 – 2014 school year operating fund of $27.8 million.  Renewal projects include renewals of Dumfries, Henderson, King, Lake Ridge, Loch Lomond,  and Springwoods Elementary schools, roof replacements at Saunders and Graham Park, replacement of window wall at Woodbridge middle school, HVAC repairs at OP and Stonewall High Schools, HVAC equipment upgrades, HVAC & other upgrades in kitchens, improvements due to the energy infrastructure program, and parking lots for buses.


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