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In the sections below you’ll find information about the PWC School Board and contact information for the PWC School Board, the PWC Board of County Supervisors, and officials elected to represent PWC in the VA General Assembly.

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Contact information

Contact information for:

PWC School Board Members – click here ====>PWC-School Board

To send a note to the entire school board, copy and paste this in the addressee line:;;;G;;;ljessie@p;

PWC Board of County Supervisors – click here ====>PWC BOCS

PWC Senators and Representatives in the VA General Assembly – click here ===> General Assembly for PWC


Addressing the School Board


Any citizen of the county is invited to address the school board on issues of interest to them.  You must state your name and address for the record and have 3 minutes to speak.  The 3 minute limit is strictly enforced.  Standards of decorum do apply and anything that is considered an attack on a school division official, school board member, or other elected official will result in you being reprimanded.  Citizens will be asked to step down if they discuss anything related to student discipline or a legal matter before the school division.

To speak at the meeting you need to contact the clerk by noon the day of the meeting or sign up at the door by 6:30 PM. You’ll need to tell the clerk what you want to talk about and give her your name, address, and phone number. Her contact information is:


Phone Number: (703) 791-8709

Directions to School Board Meetings

School board meetings are held at the Edward L. Kelly Leadership Center located at 14715 Bristow Road in Manassas. From the PW Parkway (Rt 234) turn onto INDEPENDENT HILL RD and follow for 0.4 miles. Turn left onto BRISTOW RD (VA-619) and follow for 0.6 miles. End at 14715 Bristow Rd Manassas, VA 20112-3945.


Closed versus Open Session


Closed versus Open Session

The school board is an elected public body.  As such, the public has a right to know what discussions or deliberations our elected officials have.  However, sometimes elected officials discuss matters that much be confidential, like deliberations about disciplinary action taken against an individual student, faculty member, or staff member.  Because of that, before each school board meeting and at various times throughout the year, the school board will meet in a private session called closed session.  There are laws that govern what can and cannot be discussed by school board members in these closed sessions.  At the beginning of each school board meeting, school board members certify, by public vote, that nothing was discussed during closed session that should not have been.

For information about what can and can not be discussed in Closed Session, please see this.


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