About Failing Leadership and Unfair Portrayals

Over the last several days the social media world in PWC has been up in arms over accusations that school division leadership is failing our schools and that characterizations of our schools as failing are unfair.  On one hand you have Justin Wilk, who has written several letters that were published in local media that expose and call into question less than desirable things happening in our schools.  On the other hand you have PWCS and school board Chairman Milt Johns, who clearly don’t care for what Justin has to say and lashed out at Justin in a recently published response that was shared with every teacher, public school employee, and parent of a child in the school division.

Justin is justifiably upset at how he was characterized in Chairman Johns’ letter and is upset that the school division shared Chairman Johns’ letter with everyone they have access to. To Justin, I say welcome to the club.  Attacking the messenger is something PWCS does exceptionally well.

This blog started as an offshoot of the math wars here in Prince William County.  It was created by the parents who were denigrated on a regular basis by PWCS for exposing the truth about Math Investigations.  For several years PWCS had a publication on their web site that identified a parent by name and more or less called him a liar.  However, I must note that during the math wars, Chairman Johns was one of the few school board members who stood up for us and challenged the school division’s spin.

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