DOJ Delays Boundary Plans for 12th High School

The rescheduled vote on the boundaries for the 12th high school, that was set for Sept 17, 2014, has been postponed.  PWCS had originally proposed boundary plans and was set to vote in the spring, but the DOJ intervened and asked them to delay the vote until they could conduct an examination of the process that was followed.  According to a PWCS release, the postponement is because of concerns expressed by the DOJ about the demographic makeup of the 12th high school under the proposed boundaries.

I am currently working to obtain a copy of the DOJ comments.

The release from PWCS reads as follows:

“September 10, 2014

A decision on proposed boundaries for Prince William County’s 12th high school will be delayed.

The scheduled vote on the issue has been pulled from the September 17th School Board agenda following receipt of comments from the Federal Department of Justice (DOJ). That agency has been looking into concerns about whether the proposed boundaries would result in a school population that differs substantially from the county’s demographic make-up.

Division staff will talk with DOJ officials before attempting to craft a revised boundary plan that addresses the agency’s demographic concerns, along with community input, educational, and economic considerations. No timetable or planning process has been determined. Any revised staff boundary proposal will require School Board review and approval.”


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