Agenda for the May 7, 2014 School Board Meeting

Several items are on the agenda for the May 7, 2014 school board meeting that may be of interest.

(1) Increase current year budget for addition revenues received.
St Pkg Fees On the Consent Agenda is an item asking the school board to increase the FY 2013 – 2014 school year budget.  The increase is necessary because of revenues received in excess of the amounts budgeted.

Citizens who follow this blog and members of the Gainesville / Brentsville District budget committee will find these items interesting as they happen every single year, yet PWCS continues to feign surprise that their projections are so low and refuses to update the revenue projections to come close to approximating reality.

PWCS has under-budgeted Other Tuition, Fees, and Revenues by an average of $4 million each year, for the past 3 years (see here===>other revenue

The projection for this school year and next are no different.

Take Student Parking Fees, as an example.  The chart to the right shows how much has been budgeted for Student Parking Fees since 2010, how much was actually received, and the difference between the two.  It also shows how much was budgeted for this year and the adjustments to date.

Despite budgeting more than $150,000 less than what has actually been received for the past 4 years, PWCS budgeted Student Parking Fee revenue at the same $125,000 for next school year.

Student Parking Fees is particularly interested as it is subject to a 50/50 split between central administration and the schools.  For every dollar received for student parking fees, 50 cents goes to central administration to pay for lot maintenance.  The rest goes to the high school use as they please.

The transfer to the schools for Student Parking Fees has been budgeted at $125,000 for the past bunch of years, the exact same amount  they budget for revenue.  That means PWCS has been projecting that it will provide 100% of Student Parking Fee revenue to the schools, or it has been underreporting Student Parking Fee revenue.

The difference between what was budgeted and actually received means each high school should have received $3,320 more from the county this year from student parking fees to do as they please.  Concerned citizens and parents may want to contact the advisory councils at their local schools to ensure that these funds were received.

(2) Proposed Boundary Change for 12th high school.

No changes have been made to the proposal that was posted on the PWCS webs site a couple of weeks ago.  Apparently citizen comments weren’t sufficient to merit a change (see link).

(3) Mrs Williams (Woodbridge) has requested that the County School Board rescind the resolution they previously passed asking the Governor and General Assembly to decouple Medicaid expansion from  budget negotiations.


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