Party All Night Long

The agenda for the Feb.5, 2014 School Board meeting is available, and it will be a long one.  Because the last meeting was cancelled due to poor weather, the meeting will cover all of the topics from the January 22, 1014 agenda and all of the topics from the Feb 5, 2014 agenda.  Double the fun!!

The following items will be discussed and or authorized:


On the Consent Agenda


The Consent Agenda is where items that don’t have any questions or aren’t controversial are placed.  They are approved without any discussion.  Items can be removed from the Consent Agenda and added to the regular agenda at request of a board member.

  • SB 240 Legislation on Release of Students

The item asks that the PWC School Board authorize staff to send a letter to our lobbyist to take action indicating their opposition to the bill.  The bill would make it a class three misdemeanor if school officials to refuse to release a child into the custody of their custodial parent unless the refusal “is necessitated by a critical event or emergency governed by the school crisis, emergency management, and medical emergency response plan.”

  • MOU between PWCS and Va Tech for nutrition education curriculum resources
  • MOU between Shenandoah University and PWCS for continuing the Teachers for Tomorrow Program for the 2014-15 school year.
  • 2014 Summer School Program

From the agenda, “Students in grades K-1 will receive instruction in language arts only. Those students in grades 2-4 will receive instruction in language arts and math. If students require only one content area of study, they will be allowed to take two blocks of that course. Current middle school students, as well as rising sixth graders (current fifth graders) and rising ninth graders (current eighth graders), shall attend the middle school and be taught by a team of teachers in three, 75-minute rotation blocks of language arts, math, and social skills. The purpose of this model is to prepare students for the next grade level. High school students may take a course for new or repeat credit. Classroom driver education shall be held at the high school summer school location. Art enrichment opportunities are available for students in grades 2-8.”

  • Authorization for the Superintendent to execute easements to being construction of the 12th high school
  • Tribute to Mrs. Celestine Scott Braxton

From the agenda, “Mrs. Celestine Scott Braxton, 1926–2014, was a former Prince William County Public Schools teacher, a civil rights activist and leader, and a volunteer in numerous church and community organizations. Through her leadership, local businesses opened their doors to people of color, and her daughter became the first African American kindergartener to integrate a Prince William County school.

Prince William County School Board and Superintendent of Schools honor the memory of and extend condolences to the family of Mrs. Celestine Scott Braxton upon her passing on January 15, 2014 following a lifetime dedicated to justice and equality.”


Public Hearing


Boundary Plan for the Haymarket Drive Elementary School and Nokesville K – 8 School.


Regular Agenda

Information only items:

  • Briefing on the proposed new Language Arts textbooks
  • Briefing on proposed addition of Policy 756 governing Physical Inspections and Testing
    • This relates to physical inspections and testing of students for hearing and vision deficits.  Previously there was regulation covering school division procedures for hearing and vision tests, but no policy.  The policy directs the school division to develop a regulation.  The regulation stipulates
      • (a) that students be tested for hearing and vision deficits each year in grades 3, 7, and 10, that parents / guardians be notified of the results of those tests, and that a record of the test be placed in the student’s file in the SMS,
      • (b) that students be tested for physical fitness every year in grades 4 – 10, that the results of those tests be provided to their parents / legal guardians, and that a copy of the results be placed in their file in the SMS,
      • (c) that students be tested for fine & gross motor skills  every year in kindergarten through 3rd grade within 60 administrative working days of the start of the school year.
  • FY 2014 2nd quarter budget review
  • Presentation of the 2012 – 2013 School Year Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)
  • Proposed Sale of $89,233,500 in VSPA Bonds as follows:
    • Devlin Rd School, construction – $28,587,000
      • Question – the bid for construction of this school was awarded at the December 18, 2013 school board meeting.  It was for $20,286,000.  Why is PWCS proposing to pull $8.3 million more in bonds than the construction cost of this school?
    • Featherstone ES addition – $5,931,000
    • Ferlazzo ES – $2,000,000
    • 12th High School, construction – $49,971,500
      • Bonds pulled for this project in the last 4 years total $60,971,500
    • Rippon MS addition – $300,000
    • Bus Maintenance Facility – $$1,444,000
    • Kilby ES replacement – $1,000,000
  • Presentation of the 2014 – 2014 School Year Budget and the Capital Improvements Program (CIP)

Action items:

  • Approve boundary plans for Haymarket Drive Elementary School and Nokesville K – 8 School.
  • Approved proposed revisions to Policy 810 on Facilities Planning
  • Presentation on the Common Core

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