School Board Report – November 19, 2013

School Board Report for November 19, 2013.

Please be advised the unless otherwise noted, comments are not verbatim.

The meeting began with all members present.

Consent Agenda

The following items were on the Consent Agenda and were approved unanimously by all members.

  1. Appointment of citizens to the Gifted Education Advisory Committee
  2. Agreement between Va Dept of Ed and PWCS regarding Va Dept of Ed programs offered at PWC juvenile detention center
  3. Designating December 2-6, 2013, as National Inclusive Schools Week
  4. Approval of Meeting minutes from November XX, 2013 meeting

Citizen Comments

11 Citizens addressed the school board.  By policy 30 minutes are allowed for citizen comments during meeting with the remaining speakers allowed to address the board after the meeting adjourns.

Citizen #1 is a graduate of the world language program at Lake Ridge Middle School and a student at Hylton.  Student is learning his third language – French.  Students says learning a language earlier make it easier to learn the language, gives you time to take more courses in high school, and improves your study habits.

Citizen #2 is a graduate of the world language program at Lake Ridge Middle School and a student at Woodbridge High School.  Currently enrolled in Spanish 6.  Student says foreign language was the best class she’s ever taken because her teacher taught her how to study.  Student took Spansih 1 over two years, she was able to study the language in more depth.

Citizen #3 PWC resident who graduated from TJHS.  TJ helped her develop confidence and a full scholarship to Hampton University.  Her first year in college was a breeze due to the curriculum she studied at TJ.  Because the curriculum was so rigorous, she had challenges to overcome in high school and the support necessary to do it.  Ask the board to consider my experience when you consider continuing funding for TJ.

Citizen #4 – Jim Livingston, President of PWEA.  Congratulate and welcome Mrs Williams to School Board.  Thank board members for supporting national Young Readers Day.  Classroom overcrowding continues to be a problem.  PWEA proposes that school board set a target or goal for reducing class sizes.  A reasonable goal could be an average of the class sizes of the 10 largest school districts on the list.  Proposal would require school division to hire 76 new teachers per year over a period of time.

Citizen #5 – Spoke about TJHS and need for students to follow a rigorous curriculum in high school.  Students from our county who attend TJ are truly motivated.  Need to continue to support TJ.

Citizen #5 – Reilly O’Casey, Vice President of PWEA.  This is American Education Week.  Wednesday is ESP day – Education Support Professionals Day.  PWEA honors Ms Johnson, a SPED assistant at Woodbridge high school.  PWEA asks that all employees wear red on Wedensday to honor the ESP’s inout county.

Citizen #6 – resident of PWC.  Member of Historical Commission and Cemetery Chair.  Spoke about procedures and transparency over removal of graves from site of 12th high school.  States that he first became aware of the graves from Inside NOVA.  Began contacting people – County Archeologist was NOT aware of graves.  Visited site with County Archeologist on September 30.  Offered advice to people that were there about what would be required for documentation and authorization for exhumation.  Felt was needed for locating football stadium over graves.  There was no discussion of alternatives for the plan to leave cemetery undisturbed.  Later on learned that the application for opening the graves was signed by PWCS in August – weeks before site visit by County Archeologist.

Citizen #7 – Executive Director of PW Conservation Alliance.  Express disappointment in kind of a repeat of Silver Lake development, expect with cultural resources instead of globally rare resources.  Natural areas and cultural resources are part of our community.  I would hope the school system will take efforts to correct errors when they’re discovered.  At Silver Lake it would have cost $30,000, but that was too much.  Thank Gil Trenum for making sure the disturbance was as limited as it could be.  I’d like to see a policy change so that these sorts of errors don’t happen again because it seems to be part of a pattern here.  We teach our children how to act and how to treat our community.  We should teach our children to do as we say AND as we do.

Citizen #8 – On behalf go the 12th high school and grave site currently being removed.  Cemetery belongs to his family.  Family was strongly in involved in school division and community.  Sad to say that you have elected to move our family members from this site.  You didn’t do your due diligence in locating family members.  You said you couldn’t find any heirs of the Lynne family in the area – my family has been here since the 1880’s.  Strongly disappointed that you have done this.

Citizen #9 – 6th grader at Benton Middle School.  Loves Math and Science.  Learned about TJ during Math 24 event.  Attended TJ international Math Open this year.  Finds middle school easy.  Wants to go to TJ to be challenged and find more opportunities.  Please continue to support TJ.

Citizen #10 – PWCS Teacher.  Thanks Dr Walts for speaking such kind words about the benefits of TJ.  I have many students in my classrooms.  I’d like to see that opportunity to be extended for all of our students.  They are waiting to see launch of their satellite.  TJ allows them to be around other kids who are like them – who want to be challenged academically.  Has done many classes for TJ admissions.  Please continue to fund TJ.

Citizen #11 – Reminded Board of great things about school pool.  First meet is December 6 at 8 PM.

Regular Agenda

Cooperative Agreement with TJHS

  • Approved unanimously by all members
  • Discussion
    • Mrs Satterwhite – will be voting yes on this because we don’t have anything that is comparable with the 4 year program that TJ offers.  I would like to see our Governor’s school expand to a 4 year program.  Wit bus transportation – do we offer door to door or express?
      • Answer – door to door because of the long distance in fact that can’t cluster students.
    • Mrs Satterwhite – could we explore cluster pickups?
      • Answer – yes.
    • Mrs Jessie – My husband and I moved to Lake Ridge and next door there was young man who was up at 5 am every morning and would come home and it was dark and he has done phenomenal things.  One of my people my sorority has sponsored has gone on to become a pediatrician.  I have visited TJ and was amazed by what I saw there.  I’d like to see how we can increase our participation at TJ and for more minority students to be part of that population.  There are so many bright students i ethos county, so I will be voting for this.
    • Mr Trenum – Want to follow up on Mrs Saterwhite’s comment.  I was told we have express bus service for TJ last  year, so can we check that please?  I will be supporting this.
    • Mrs Covington – I did have concerns with tuition increase.  I had a problem with sending the money into another county.   I have ben inundated by feedback from citizens about TJ.  One of my biggest influences was Gail Hubbard.  I served on the statewide gifted ed committee.  So many of those people referred to Gail Hubbard – they all looked up to her.  I give a lot of credit to and have a lot of respect for Gail.  Gail is such a proponent of the school and how they prepare students that I had to stop and think.  Since the tuition includes the cost, if we don’t approve it then we end TJ for PWCS students.  So I will be supporting this.
    • Dr Otiagbe – I will be voting for this.  However, I’d like to also sing the praises of our Governor’s school as an alternative to TJ.  I know students begin preparing to attend TJ when they’re young, but we have a wonderful things going here in PWC with the Governor’s school at GMU.  I’d make that choice for my daughters because there are tough times for tuition.  When a student attends the Govern’s school, he / she comes kurt with 3 college credits.  Parents can buy more classes, if they want.  For me, that’s a lot of money in the bank. Another advantage is the interaction with college professors.  Our Governor’s school is the only one that’s partnered with college professors so our kids get to interact with college professors.  All of the benefits of TJ are benefits of our Governor’s School.  Also, if kids go the Governor’s school they may stay at GMU and then you’ll save on room and board.  It is my prediction that the Governor’s school will be just as competitive as TJ.
    • Mrs Bell – I also want to thank Gail.  I’ve always been an advocate of students with disabilities, including gifted students.  Science is one of my passions.  It was fascinating to see the culture at TJ.  I will be voting for this.  We pay as we go for this.  I am concerned wit the cost of transportation and would like to see if we can streamline that.
    • Mrs Williams – I come from the gifted ed advisory council. These programs have a special place in my heart.  TJ fills a need we have in this county as does the Governor’s school.  We lose a lot of gifted children because they don’t have a place to call home.  I will be supporting this.
    • Chairman Johns – there is no doubt that TJ is pre had the premiere public high school program in the United Staes and possibly the world.  There is no count that it serves a portion of our student population that we are challenged to serve – high achieving gifted students. We always have reservations about cost.  I would be interested in looking at transportation options – express bussing or whatever to help reduce those costs.  There’s been lots of discussion about the Governor’s school.  It is a great program.  I would also like to see it become a full time 4 year program.  I encourage Juniors and Seniors to look at the Governor’s school.

Salary and Benefits Overview

  • See presentation here 
  • Discussion
    • Questions asked during presentation about impacts of HCRA on medical benefits (page 18 of presentation)
      • Chairman Johns – Question about the first bullet the $63 per member per month.  How much is that in aggregate?
      • Answer – For the first half of a year we will pay $500,000 for this fee.  Next year it will be $1 million.  It will reduce after 3 years.
      • Chairman Johns – Question about part time employees.  How much will this cost us?
      • Answer – we don’t know.  The level of reporting and tracking is not something we have calculated.  It will be more difficult for subs and temps.
      • Chairman Johns – there is a budgetary and manpower impact here.  A lot of companies are cutting back hours on part time employees in anticipation of this 30 hour limit coming up, so obviously it;s something we need to be willing to fund.
      • Answer – some school division are putting limits on the number of hours subs can teach and cutting them off when they reach it.
      • Chairman Johns – one of the adverse impacts is that people who didn’t have employer provided coverage before because they were part time employees, still won’t, but they’ll be working fewer hours because of the law.
      • Chairman Johns – Question about the level of plans we offer and the tax.  A lot of information about HCRA is starting to emerge.  Will we have to pay a penalty, levy, or tax because our plans are Gold or Platinum.
      • Answer – that will be a tax paid by the employees, not the employer.
      • Chairman Johns – Will any of our employees lose coverage?  Do we cover pre-existing conditions?
      • Answer – we have always had pre-existing conditions.  For example, we don’t cover some conditions like gastric bypass and infertility at this point.
      • Chairman Johns – So, no one will lose their coverage.  Cost may be affected and taxes will go up in 2018, assuming the law doesn’t change.
      • Answer – Correct.  A lot can change between now and then.
      • Mrs Jessie – Why are we deviating from discussion during the presentation.
      • Chairman Johns – I’m asking questions about this portion of the presentation.
      • Mrs Jessie – I know that.  You’re making statements and judgments and I want to go on record.
      • Chairman Johns – no, I’m asking questions.
    • Questions asked at end of presentation
      • Mrs bell – I have one question.  What is total impact financially for health care and retirement for the division.
      • Answer – we will get back with you.
      • Mrs Covington – I hope you’re offering one on one sessions with out employees.  I was shocked to see that we’re #3 from the bottom in terms of benefits.
      • Answer – WABE uses family coverage, we’ve been at the bottom for employee and family coverage for years.
      • Mrs Covington – I speaking of total benefits package.  I though we were doing what other district weren’t doing.
      • Answer – The way they add that up, some counties subsidize higher on the employee family coverage side.
      • Mrs Covington – we need to look at improving that because benefits are part of recruitment and retention.
      • Chairman Johns – if we only had the HMO plan we’d be rated higher, but because we offer multiple plans and how we determine the contribution to those plasm, our numbers come down.
      • Mr Trenum – back on slide 3 with the distribution of staff.  For the red block, is that just teachers in the classroom or is that teachers on administrative leave or working in the Kelly building.
      • Answer – that is all certified teachers, no matter where they’re working.
      • Where do Principals and Assistant Principals affl
    • Answer – under administration
    • About VRS – do we have any feedback from state about VRS cost increases for next year?
    • Answer – expect a rate increase of about 3% that will increase our gorse costs by about $18 million
    • about the hybrid plan – will there be changes i the payouts  Dow e know what those changes will be?
    • Answer – they won’t compare to plan 1, only to plan 2.  The assumption is that employees in the hybrid plan will do better than those in plan 2.
    • I saw that Delegates Lingamfelter and Anderson sent their aides tonight.  They always ask what the unfunded mandates are.  I’d say this long term disability things sounds like a unfunded mandate to me, so take that out please.
    • Jessie – slide 10 and the per pupil expenditure.  My question, this dip that I see from 2009 to 2011, can you explain the dip?
    • Answer – this chart is not adjusted for inflation.  The real issue is that in FY 2011 there was a real reduction in dollars that we spent of about $25 – $30 million.  The recession started in 2008 and continued into 2010 an 2011.  That’s why you see the dip and some recovery later one. In 2010 and 2011 we got money from the federal government that made up some of the shortfall, but that money was spent by 2011 and that’s why you see the dip.
    • In looking at the differences, we are outperforming schools in Alexandria and Prince Georges with much less spent.  But when I look at the SAT scores, several school divisions are higher than we are.  When we say we’re doing OK, we’re not really doing OK with the large class sizes.  I ask that we look at the percentage of seniors taking tests and why only 50% of our students take the test when compared with other counties.  We can discuss that later.
    • Mrs Satterwhie – slide 19 and the different plans.  I think you mentioned when these plans would come into effect.  Are we considering offering an option where our employees won’t have to pay a fine?
    • Answer – it is under review.  We’ve been looking for alternatives – maybe an option that meets the requirement that doesn’t result in the tax.
    • Dr Otaigbe-  slide 17.  Regarding the 403(b) plan.  You mentioned we match a maximum of 2%?  Is this optional.
    • Answer – it is optional and about 49% participate.  We’d like to see that increase.
    • Dr Otaigbe – What are we doing to encourage the 51% to sign up?
    • Answer – we communicate and communicate.  We have lots of new employees who don’t see the value in that.  We do try to go back out to them later on and remind them about it during open season.  I can put together a campaign.  Our vendor does contact them occasionally.
    • Mrs Covington – slide 17.  A match of 2%.  2% of a $50,000 salary is one thing, 2% of $100,000 is another thing.
    • Answer – Two caps – one for under 50 and one for over 50.  IRS limits the amount.
    • Mrs Williams – slide 17 – for the employees not contributing, is it about vesting?
    • Answer – You are 100% vested from the day you start, but the match percentage changes each year.

Superintendent’s Time

Presentation on Graves at 12th High School

Superintendent Walts:  Chairman asked me to provide a briefing on the issues with the graves at the 12th high school.  We will treat everything that was found with dignity and respect.Mr Cline will provide the presentation.

Mr Cline:  majority of this information is on our web site.  We will be updating that tomorrow (see here)

  • 12th high school is urgently needed.  We are carefully excavating and exhuming the remains at the site.
  • In August of 2008 PWCS contracted for a phase 1 archeological study.  No grave sites were identified, but, due to the vegetation at the site, some areas could not be examined.  The Dept of Historical resources then determined that the project would not have any impact.  Grave sites were later identified and brought to our attention in July of this year.  The site evaluation determined that 13 possible gavel existed.  Research in 2008 and 2013 identified the names of possible families that have owned the land, but no mention of a cemetery were made.  This site was heavily wooded and overgrown.  Surveyors had to cut their way to the site.  It is unrecognizable as a grave site or cemetery.  What denoted the graves were rocks about the size of a fist set at the head of the grave.  We believe no one had visited the cemetery in 20 – 50 years.
  • In July the plans for the 12th high school were complete and had already been submitted to the county for review.  Additionally, the site has significant restrictions due to wetlands.  We consulted with our civil engineering firm and determined that redesigns were not feasible and would likely cost millions of dollars.  In mid-August we informed the historical commission and county archeologist of the graves.  They visited in mid-August.  Details of the proposed process were discussed, including efforts to find family members of those buried in the cemetery.  Mr Olson expressed concern that the graves be buried in local cemetery and properly marked.
  • Notice was placed in the Washington Post, as required by law.  It was also posted in the Kelly Center.  The notice ran for one day in the Post as required by law.  The notice at the Kelly building remained for 60 days.
  • Two individuals asked about the graves – a local pastor offering the cemetery at their church for exhumed bodies and a local genealogist.
  • The exhumation began in October.  The anthropology lab at Towson University in involved.
  • An article in Inside NOVA was published in August and provided opportunities for the public to provide information about the graves.
  • PWCS has encountered old grave sites at other schools.  We have always tried to leave these sites intact and have treated them with respect.  This option was not available here because of when we found the graves and the schedule for building the school.
  • We have not taken this exhumation lightly and have treated this with the respect it deserves.  We have re-interred the graves in a local, certified cemetery.
  • Over trey course of the last 2 days a family connection has been raised.  There appear to the 11 graves, not 13.  Earlier I met with several members of the Lynn family, who are possible descendants of those buried at the site.  No physical remain have yet to be found nor has any identifiable information been discovered.  Should those materials be discovered, we will work with the family to ensure proper burial for their family members.
  • Regarding the redesign of the facilities – it would cost $6 – $10 million and would delay the process by about 1 year.  We would have to re-do the entire planning and bidding process.  To keep the same open date, we would have to have a compressed construction schedule and the ability to meet that date would be compromised.  Pushing the school back another year would increase the construction costs by $3 – 5 million due to inflation.

Discussion of Plan for Class Size Reduction

Agreement was that we’ve try to reduce class sizes at entry or transition level.  Research says we need to reduce class sizes significantly, but we need to start somewhere.  The quality of the teaching is the single most important aspect of a quality education won’t necessarily yield a positive achievement result.  Professional Development is a large part of that process.  I will distribute one sheet of paper to the board now with a model we just completed this afternoon.  It is straight forward and easy to understand.  The options are in priority order based on what I’ve received from the board.

  • Priority 1 – reduce class sizes at the 6th grade level.
  • Priority 2 – lower kindergarten classes.
  • Priority 3 – 9th grade.  Biggest issues are Algebra I & II and Geometry. Would add 1 additional math teacher at each high school for a total of 11.
  • All include professional development support.

Cost of doing all of this would be $3.5 million per year, every year.  UPDATE:  Superintendent’s proposal can be found here.

Annual Measurable Objectives and State Benchmarks

The state took each and every subgroup in Virginia and determined the average performance.  Some of those numbers were surprising.  Compared that with overall averages, divided difference by 5, and used that as targeted annual growth.  State BOE put in a clause that no one group could decline by 5%, with the exception of Asian students.  Asian student performance can not decline at all.  This will be revisited by the State BOE because people are still not happy.

Reality in PWCS is that we are interested in high expectations for all students and showing continues improvement, no matter what state and federal requirements are.  I think it is worth remaining folks that we are headed in the direction of high expectations for all students.  {editor’s note – Last year PWCS added additional requirements to this for our schools because we’d already met state requirements.  In addition to meeting goals for pass rates, PWCS also has goals for the percentage of students achieving a pass advanced score.  In my opinion, this is a very good step PWCS took. } 

Approve revisions to Policy 333 – State and Private Grants

  • Approved unanimously by all members.

Approve revisions to Policy 523 – Classification Plan – Classified and Management Employees

  • Approved unanimously by all members.

Approve revisions to Policy 524 – Salary Schedules

  • Approved unanimously by all members.
  • Questions:
    • Chairman Johns – People will continue to be paid the way they have been paid, correct
    • Answer – Yes.

Approve revisions to Policy 561 – Responsibilities and Duties of Employees

  • Approved unanimously by all members.

Board Comments (9:32 PM)

Mrs Williams

Like to thank everyone who supported me and helped me to sit where I am sitting today.  I would also like to thank the members of the board and county employees for her warm and gracious welcome.  I am very humbled by everyone’s appreciation and welcoming.  It’s been wonderful.  I know that I can do myself justice and everyone who helped me to get here by being a knowledgable and supportive board member.  I encourage members of my district to reach out to me if you need anything.  It is my job and that’s what I’m here for.  Thank all of you and look forward to working with you.

Mrs Satterwhite

I was invited to attend the Cedar Pint Elementary School salute to our veterans and I know this is Mr Trenum’s school, but I had to mention this wonderful event.  It was their 5th annual even.  It was an amazing program I want to thank Mr Marinoble, the Principal and students for their hospitality.  The poppy I’m wearing was made by the students at the school.  I really enjoyed the program.  If you have a chance, please do.  The student performances were fabulous from poems to songs by the chorus.

Mrs Bell

I want to thank Garfield high school’s choir Director for sending me to attend their tribute to veterans.  It was a joint performance with Forest Park Choir, Garfield Choir and New Dominion’s carolers.  It was a community partnership and was an amazing performance.

I came tonight to read a statement requesting a stop order on the 12th high school grave site exhumation, but with the new information that we have, I am noting that we have an ethical and moral responsibility to the families, whether we know them or not, to treat them and their family members with respect.  There is a long historical presence on that land.  I’ve been disappointed once again in staff’s notification and involving us as school board members.  I was blindsided by this.  I did have a conversation wit Mr Cline, but ti was after the fact.  Staff could have come to us and asked our opinions on the issue, but that was not the case.  I’ve gotten numbers phone calls and emails.  We talk about transparency but we haven’t been in this case.  Those families were not contacted until today.

Dr Otaigbe

I’d like to welcome Mrs Williams in joining us.  I hope we all walk together as a unified board to achieve big things.

I’d like to echo some of the things mentioned by Mrs Bell, that we read out to the LYnne family and treat that site with dignity and respect.  I appreciate Mr Cline’s presentation giving us the chronology of events.  I’m that at the beginning our school division brought in the historical association and followed the process, but I still want to request that we do our best to make sure that going forward the family is involved every step of the way so that they don’t feel we are disrespecting their ancestors.

Mrs Covington

  • I have a question about the priority for class size reductions.  It is begin propose for all three or just one in the order listed?
    • Answer – it could be any of the 4 options – any combination or them or the whole thing. 
  • Your recommendation would say if we only did one, do 6th grade. Why?
    • Answer – Based on your input during the spring budget discussions and the conversation this Fall about transitions, especially from elementary school to middle school.  
  • Chairman Johns – Mrs Covington. We don’t typically take questions during board comment time.  I don’t want to get us in trouble with the public notice folks for getting off agenda topic.  
  • Mrs Covington –  I understand.  I’ll ask questions later on.  I didn’t remember us voting on that.
  • Last week I attended a program for Virginia Star.  The families were thrilled to receive a free computer and instructions from the students.  I’d like to thank Forest Park for doing this.  It was awodnerfule event a dn wonderful program
  • I’ve been getting emails from teachers and students to give us a longer winter break.  We seem to have extra time.  Who should we forward those requests to since we can’t change that?
    • Answer – Tim Healey.  He coordinates the calendar committee.
  • Mr Johns I’d like to compliment you for the legislators breakfast.  Your presentation was very professional and well done.
  • Dr Walts, I’m calling on you a lot tonight.  I’ve received concerns from parents about cyber-bullying with texting, Facebook and other sites.  How are we handling that?
    • Chairman Johns – Mrs Covington
    • Have I done it again?  If you want to tell us tomorrow that’s OK.  
    • Chairman Johns – perhaps put something on the site tomorrow
    • Betty – I retract those compliments on you Mr Johns 🙂
    • Answer, Dr Walts  – we are doing a lot and will put something together for you and post it.

Mr Trenum

I want to thank you for the plan for class size reduction.  I’m glad to see we have a plan to look at.  Thank you Mr Livingston for submitting your plan as well.

Chairman I would ask that we add an item to discuss the plan so that we can have a public discussion

Chairman Johns – I think that sounds like a great suggestion.

I would like to follow up on the comments about the grave site.  We live in NOVA and you can’t swing a baseball bat without hitting a historical site.  I think we need to fix something in the process.  If I wanted hide something in plain site, I think the legal notices in the Post would be the place to do it.  We may have followed the letter of the law, but that’s not enough.  We need to look at process improvements.

Follow up on your comments at the legislative breakfast.  One of our priorities is to ask that the legislature either fully fund the SOQs or relieve us from those mandates.  Included in that mandate was a list from 2010 that was an informational piece and it mentioned class sizes as an example.  As a board we did  not ask for class sizes to be increased and I don’t think we had any intention of asking for that.

We are coming up on elementary school boundaries this fall.  Nov 25 is the fist public meeting on the Nokesville K – 8.  It’s on the web site.  On the 26th is the first public meeting for the Haymarket school.

Congratulations to the cheerleaders at BDHS for winning the stye championship.  Congrats to Patriot HS football team for making the state finals.  Congrats to Stonewall HS for making it to the state finals.

Mrs Jessie

First of all I visited OP for their robotics.  They are going to some state competition.  I always enjoy that.  I want to thank the media staff for putting up with me as I went thorough this briefing.  They were dealing with someone who wants to do everything in a manner that supports the public and my role on this board.  I worked with this group for a long so I wanted to thank them

Want to thank Superintendent and Jim Livingston for coming up with a plan for class size reduction.  I think Betty and I have asked if we have a plan.. At least now we have the beginning of a plan.  In my estimation we have a class size problems that isn’t a teacher problem.  As  Principal I often had money to hire a new teacher, but I had no place to put them.  So at many of our schools we started a push in program where we put 30 kids in a classroom with 2 teachers.  You haven’t lived until you have 30 K – 2 students in a classroom.  I think we’re looking at a physical plant issue and a rezoning issue with the BOCS.  We know that in some areas we are overcrowded but we continue to build more houses and apartments where we don’t have the space.  Potomac View elementary is facing another rezoning.  so, we need to look at this false ratio.

The other items I wanted to talk about is the ROI.  When I put another teacher in the classrooms with 30, there is a holy grail of what works and what does not work.  As we look at pushing these kids into these classrooms , the ROI doesn’t have to be high performance but better performance?  What will be expect as the ROI for this?  Will we look at test scores or fatigue – I call that the happiness formula?  I don’t wan us to expect something because we gave them more money that isn’t reasonable.

Chairman Johns

Thanks to all of our legislators for attending the breakfast and to staff for pouting the presentation together.  We are having a Tuesday night meeting because we will all be in Williamsburg for the VSBA meeting tomorrow.  This will give us our mandated board member PD.

I want to dove tail with Mr Trenum regarding questions about SOQ’s and raising class sizes.  We have never asked for the ability to raise class sizes above state mandates.  We’ve spent much time over the past several months grappling with this issue.  We have no plans to raise class sizes.  There are other areas where the state levies a mandate but then doesn’t fund it.  We talked about that at the legislative breakfast.

Also want to congratulate the Freedom Eagles who played Broad Run.  They are in the playoffs and congratulate them for their great run.  We congratulate all of our student athletes.


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