2013 SAT Scores

As Dr Waltz said in the press release, “Our schools are focused on increasing student achievement and college readiness. These results show gains in all areas, which indicates that our students are on track for success.”

The Class of 2013’s SAT scores have been released by the College Board.  Scores nationally were unchanged from 2012. Scores for PWCS students in the class of 2013 increased 8 points over the class of 2012.  

Some PWCS high schools saw significant improvements in their scores versus 2012.  Brentsville High schools scores increased 52 points, rebounding to above highs achieved by the class of 2009 and breaking 1600.  Woodbridge High school scores increased 42 points overall, exceeding previous highs achieved by the class of  2009.

This is indeed an accomplishment and our teachers, students, and families should be proud of their accomplishment.

But….there’s a catch.

While SAT scores nationally were unchanged, scores in the state of Virginia were up 11 points.  PWCS increased 8 points.  That means we continue to fall further behind statewide averages.  SAT scores are up in the school division, but those increases aren’t keeping pace with increases across the state.

While some schools saw significant increases in scores achieved by the class of 2012, others were stagnant or down.

So, while we deserve a pat on the back for the improvements achieved, we still have a long way to go before we’re where we ought to be or before our children’s scores begin to compete with those achieved in the state.

Note:  PWCS has released SAT data for the Class of 2013.  You can find that data here.  Many neighboring jurisdictions have not released their scores on their web sites.  As soon as that data is available we’ll update the SAT section of the test scores page.


Here is a fie with the 2013 SAT Scores for all NOVA High Schools (2013 SAT scores – NOVA High Schools) Chart also includes percentage of students receiving free or reduced lunch. I’ll update the file as more scores are published.


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