Misplaced Priorities

It’s the third week of school and I’m already heartbroken.  I’ve received emails from teachers across the county informing me that their schools are rationing supplies like ink for their printers, toner for the copiers, and copy paper.  I’ve heard from several  different teachers from one school in particular that tell me their school didn’t have any toner for the copier last week.

It is the third week of school.   Something has to give.

The priority in public education HAS to be on the students and classrooms and it seems to me that there isn’t enough money for our schools to provide our children and our classrooms with the materials they need.  The adults in the school system have to stand up and speak out and they need to be able to do so without fear that they’ll lose their jobs or will be hauled before their school Principal and Associate Superintendent and threatened with termination for violating the code of conduct.  Rationing paper or toner in the third week of school is unacceptable.

This year’s budget is clearly not working and needs to be cleaned up.  We need to put our financial resources where they’re most needed, and that’s in our classrooms.


2 Responses to “Misplaced Priorities”

  1. Freedom Says:

    Oh no, just can’t be…we need that swimming pool in School # 12 soooooooooooo badly and we just can’t afford it AND pay for school supplies as well. Come on, surely you understand that. 😦

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