Dirty Deeds in PWCS

In April of this year PWCS modified the contract they executed with Moseley Architects, the firm hired to provide Architectural and Engineering services associated with building the 12th high school.  The modification expanded the scope of work Moseley was expected to complete on the 12th high school to encompass the two pool design for the 12th high school aquatics complex.  The cost of this change was:

  • $240,000, due immediately, for the design phase
  • $16,000 due at a later date for the bidding phase
  • $64,000 due at a later date for the construction phase.

At the time the contract was modified, the citizens of this county were engaged in a debate about the  school division’s plans to build a pool at the 12th high school.  We citizens had only recently learned that the that the school division intended to include a pool in the 12th high.  Supporters and opponents of the “school pool” had organized and were expressing their opinions on the “school pool”  in person, via email, in letters to the editor of local newspapers, and in articles on blogs like this one.

The debate over the “school pool” was, and still is, hot.  There was, and still is, no guarantee that the school board will approve the aquatics complex at the 12th high school.

Because the contract modification was below the $500,000 threshold that requires school board approval, the change was executed WITHOUT the school board’s approval.  despite the controversy, the school board wasn’t even notified that the contract would be modified. Since the contract modification was a change to an existing contract, it was not and is not listed in the PWCS purchasing web site, so the public was unaware that it existed.  The only people who knew the contract had been modified and how much that would cost are the Superintendent, certain PWCS employees, and employees of Moseley Architects.

We taxpayers just spent $240,000 for plans for an aquatics complex that hasn’t been approved and may never be built, and it was done with neither the knowledge nor consent of our elected representatives.


2 Responses to “Dirty Deeds in PWCS”

  1. rgb Says:

    PWCS teachers – here’s the first $$ figure you can take away from any future salary increases. Sorry, your leadership wants aquatic centers named after School Board members (Dr. Otaigbe) over staff compensation.

  2. We’ve already spent $240,000 on the pool | Stop the Tidal Wave in PWCS Says:

    […] From the PWC Education Reform Blog’s article Dirty Deeds in PWCS […]

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