Heads up for the School Board Meeting June 19, 2013

The last school board meeting of the 2013 school year will be on June 19 – one day after the last day of school.  The rather convenient timing gives me pause as things of a controversial nature generally get presented for approval at meetings where people aren’t likely to be paying much attention – like the meetings just before Christmas and just before summer break.

Several items are on the Agenda that I thought might be interesting.

On the Consent Agenda:

#15 Architectural and Engineering Services and Related Services – RFP # R-SJ-13031

This item awards contracts for unspecified projects over an unspecified duration of time for unspecified amounts that may exceed $500,000 as follows:

  • for landscape architectural services to Bowman Consulting and Timmons Group
  • for wetland environmental engineering services to Wetland Studies and Solutions
  • for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing Services to B2E Consulting, Blitz Associates, PA, Gauthier Alvarado Associates, Moseley Architects, and RMF Engineering, Inc.
  • for geotechnical engineering services to ECS Mid-Atlantic, LLC and WDP Consulting Engineers, P.C.

#19 Stream Mitigation Agreement – 12th High School

This item awards a contract of $715,637.72 to Northern Virginia Stream Restoration, L.C. to purchase “Stream Condition Units”.   Under Title 33 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Chapter 11, Part 332, Section 33, anyone developing land that will disturb streams must take steps to mitigate the environmental impact of their development effort.  Those steps can include purchasing “Stream Condition Units” from a Mitigation bank that brokers such “units”.

Since the 12th high school will be built in an area where several streams are located, the school division must purchase 4,958 “Stream Condition Units”.   Those units will be purchased from the The Northern Virginia Stream Restoration Bank.  The Northern Virginia Stream Restoration Bank is located in Reston, Virginia and has funded repairs to more than 14 miles of streams in Reston.

# 20 Wetland Mitigation Area Agreements – 12th High School

This item awards contracts for a total of $135,025.01 to Cedar Run Wetlands, L.C. and North Fork Wetlands Bank, L.C. to purchase “Wetlands Mitigation Units”.  Under the Clean Water Act, developers must take steps to mitigate the impact to wetlands whenever projects they are undertaking will disturb wetlands.  Those steps can include purchasing “Wetlands Mitigation Units” from a certified Mitigation Bank that brokers such units.

Because the 12th high school will be built in a location that includes wetlands, PWCS will be purchasing a number of “Wetlands Mitigation Units” from Cedar Run Wetlands, L.C. and North Fork Wetlands Bank, L.C.  The Cedar Run Wetlands are located in Prince William and Fauquier Counties.  The Cedar Run Wetlands Bank is the largest wetlands mitigation bank in Northern Virginia.  The North Fork Wetlands are located in Prince William County.

#9 Authorization to Award Summer Contract(s) – July/August 2013

This items will “authorize the Superintendent and Supervisor of Purchasing to award contracts to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder(s) and approve change orders from June 20 through September 4, 2013 to meet school opening and operational requirements below the existing procurement threshold. All awards over the threshold will be polled to the School Board.” The procurement threshold is $500,000.

#10 FY 2013 Encumbrance Carryover

This item will carry forward unused money from the 2012 – 2013 school year to the 2013 – 2014 school year.  How much will be carried forward is not disclosed.

On the Regular Agenda

FY 2013 Budget Review

No files or numbers are provided as part of this presentation at this time.

Compensation Study Update

The school board will be updated on the compensation study.  Please read the file attached to the agenda item if you’re interested in this.  The attached file is sideways, so reading it without printing it is difficult.


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