Budget Update #3 – Final (?) Budget

Last night, March 20,2013, Superintendent Walts provided his adjusted budget to the school board.  The school board approved his proposed budget with the adjustments.

Adjustments to the Superintendent’s original budget were necessary because state and county funding was roughly $5.6 million less than expected.  Further adjustments may be necessary if the county changes the revenue sharing agreements with the school division or changes the proposed property tax rate.

Including adjustments, the FY 2014 Operating Fund budget is 9.6% greater than the FY 2012 budget and 2.5% greater than FY 2013 budget.  Central office budgets are 22% greater than they were in FY 2012 and are unchanged from the FY 2013 budget.  Budgets for schools and school based programs are 7.2% greater than they were in FY 2012 and 3.2% greater than the FY 2013 budget.

The $5.6 million in reductions from the previous budget were provided primarily through a .5% decrease in funding for schools and a 1% decrease in central office budgets.  As Chairman Johns noted, the decrease isn’t a decrease from the previous year’s spending but less of an increase.

The reductions, which total $5.6 million,  include the following:

  • Postpone Technology Improvement Program – 500,000
  • Cancel expanding specialty programs – 100,000
  • Reduce allocation to Governor’s School – 50,543
  • Reduce budget for utilities – 484,481
  • Reduce allocations to Elementary Schools – 1,429,707
  • Reduce allocation to Middle Schools – 636,201
  • Reduce allocation to High Schools – 807,832
  • Reduce allocation to Traditional Schools – 44,220
  • Reduce allocations to Other Schools – 69,957
  • Reduce School Based Programs – 20,178
  • Reduce Central Offices – 1,451,301

This spreadsheet, 2014 budget approved, contains the approved FY 2014 Budget for PWCS for each school, office, and program.


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