What should PWCS do with $39,725,000?

Rumor on the street has it that the Prince William County government expects to receive $70,000,000 more in tax revenue next year due to the tax increases the state passed.  $39,725,000 is the school division’s share of that money.


I don’t know if the $70 million is true or not.  I’ve heard it from multiple sources, with each asking whether PWCS would get its cut.

Let’s play pretend.  Assuming it’s true and the PWC Government is willing to share, what do you think PWCS should do with the $39,725,000?

  1. Use all of the money to reduce class sizes.
  2. Split the money into two parts and use half to reduce class sizes and the other half as a bonus to our teachers to make up for the past few years.
  3. Spend $10 million building the pool in the 12th high school and use the rest for class size reductions and teacher bonuses.
  4. Split the money evenly among our school Principals to use however they deem necessary.
  5. Send every graduating senior to Disney World for a week.
  6. Pay me to move someplace far far away with no internet access.

3 Responses to “What should PWCS do with $39,725,000?”

  1. Janelle Anderson Says:

    Kim, as always, thank you for your post. I think the money should go towards academics which would include decreasing class sizes. Having a teacher aide in many classes would be very helpful and aides cost less than teachers. I would also like to see the fee for online high school classes reduced so that more students can take advantage of online classes.

  2. Potomac Clubber Says:

    Please don’t give it to the Principals! Dr. Stephens would just blow it on $1000 hotel rooms.

  3. Michele Boyd Says:

    I vote for 2. 1/2 for reducing class sizes and 1/2 for teacher bonuses. Teachers’ aides are a great idea, too. I was shocked to find out that one of my work colleagues who has two children in an elementary school in the Mantua neighborhood in Fairfax County have class sizes of 24 AND a teacher’s aide in every classroom!! What a dream that would be.

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