PWCS Budget Working Session Feb 20, 2013

PWCS held its first meeting to discuss the Superintendent’s proposed budget for the FY 2013 – 2014 school year.  The meeting began with a presentation from Dave Cline about what revenues the school division can expect to receive next year.  His starting point was the Superintendent’s original proposed budget, which assumed a 4% local increase in property taxes and an increase in state allocations to PWCS.  As neither of those scenarios is going to happen, the school division’s revenue and expenditures projections will have to be revised.

Here’s is Mr. Cline’s chart:

Senate House
Budgeted Revenue 893,566,333 893,566,333
State Changes (2,576,089) (5,985,042)
County Changes (1,295,602) (1,295,602)
Total 889,694,642 886,285,689

Perhaps it’s just how government’s  prepare budgets, but the money the school division receives will increase between $23.714 million and $20.305 million next year.  That increase will be between $3.871 and $7.281 less than the school division had expected, but it will still be an increase.

After presenting this information, the school division lead the group in a discussion of the detailed expense budgets for some of the division’s programs and / or departments.  Each budget was presented by the department’s Director or Supervisor, who explained what the department did and answered questions about the department’s budget.  Attached is a the file containing the questions prepared by the Gainesville and Brentsville District Budget committee and the responses to those questions that I noted (budget committee questions-update 1).

Mark-up of the budgets will occur at a later meeting.


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