School Board Report – Feb. 20, 2013

School Board Report for February 20, 2013

The meeting began a 7:24 with all members present.

Consent Aganda

All items on the consent agenda were approved unanimously.  The items on the agenda include the following:

  1. Adoption of the consent agenda
  2. Music in out schools month
  3. Theater in our schools month
  4. Youth art month
  5. MOU between PWC BOCS, PWCPS, and Prince William Crew Association
  6. National playground safety week
  7. Purchasing month
  8. Land acquisition for replacement of Kilby Elementary School
  9. Proffer funds for site acquisition and construction purposes
  10. Approval of School Board meeting minuted from Feb 6, 2013
  11. Approval of Disciplinary hearing minutes from Feb 13, 2013

Citizen Comments

Five citizens addressed the board.

Carlos Rivera is a student a Lynn Middle school and spoke about the Rachel’s Challenge Club at Lynn.  Carlos said that the club is in honor of Rachel Joyce, the first student killed at Columbine, and offers a series of student empowering programs and strategies that equip students and adults to combat bullying and ally feelings of isolation and despair by creating a culture of kindness and compassion.  The club has had a positive impact at the school with less bullying and better behavior.

Jim Livingston, PWEA President, spoke about the budget.  He said he hopes the revenue reductions we’ve heard about will not result in staff reductions or a loss of the 2% salary increase.  He asked the school board to clearly community their plan for improving teacher compensation so that PWCS is able to compete with neighboring jurisdictions and reduce class sizes.

Scott O’Reilly is the Head Coach for the Prince William Swim Club.  He spoke in support of the pool at the 12th high school.  He said that the pool will not be a drain on resources as there are lots of ways a pool can be profitable.

Bruce Benson spoke as a parent of swimmers.  He said pools on the east end of the county are inadequate and we need a pool in the 12th high school.

Piper Sigrest is a Junior at OP and attends the Governor’s school.  She’s a member of Team SuperNova and spoke about the robotics programs in PWCS.

Regular Meeting

Science Textbook Adoption

Two weeks ago the Science textbook adoption committee presented their list of recommended Science textbooks to the school board.


Keen:  Thanked the committee for their hard work

Jessie:  Thanked the committee and commended them for their hard work

Trenum:  Were the choices overwhelming or was there ambiguity?

  • Answer – choices were overwhelming, all texts are excellent, there was no ambiguity.

The school board approved their recommendations with a unanimous vote.

Board Comments (please note this is not an exact transcript of comments.  All comments are paraphrased)

Mr Keen:  Thank you to Mr Rivera for speaking.  The Rachel’s Challenge club is student led and driven and is an amazing program.

Mrs Covington:  Attended a Valentine’s Day Ball at Triangle Elementary.  It was the most elegant function at the elementary level.  Celebrated Black History Month at Little Union Church in Dumfries.  Children from Dumfires elementary school choir sang.  Dumfried town council has approved providing a school resource officer for Dumfries elementary.  The officer will be funded by the town.  Commend the Mayor and Town Council for doing this.

Mrs Jessie:  This month is Black History Month and next month in Women’s History month.  Wnat to remind county of the women of history in our county, women like Fannie Fitzgerald, Jeanette Brown Gordon, and Betty Covington.

Mrs Bell:  Congratulations to Stonewall Basketball for beating Gar-Field.  Please join me in Occoquan Saturday for Polar Plunge and Freeze Walk.  Both will benefit programs at local schools.

Mrs Satterwhite:  Attended Mt View’s 12th consecutive School of Excellence celebration and program honoring A/B honor roll students at Saunders Middle School.  Congratulate teh 3 National Merit Semi-finalists from Battlefield High School.  Read Across American is next week.  Please remember to read with your children.

Dr Otaigbe:  Thanks to the citizens who spoke in support of the pool in the 12th high school.  I believe the pool will benefit all students in the school division and will distinguish PWCS from other school divisions in the area.  Praise the Finance folks and Superintendent for doing so much with so little.  This is a busy time for me as students are learning about Mali and I’m invited to attend many events as a griot.  I’ve created an ABC brochure on Mali for the students.  {Editor’s note – Dr Otaigbe shared the brochure with me and it something I think kids would really enjoy.  He has promised to give me a copy once he’s finished it to share with my 4th grader and the students at my local elementary school}.

Trenum:  Thank you to the staff at Pennington for their School of Excellence celebration.

Johns:  Spent Saturday at Robotic tournament.  Congratulate teams for their hard work!


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