The Time is Always Right, to do What is Right

Below is an essay written by one of Prince William Counties 5th grade students.  The essay received an award from the Prince William County Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta.  The young man and his parents shared the essay with me and gave me permission to publish it on this blog.  I hope you enjoy it.

“The Time is always right, to do what is right”

                                 – Dr. Martin Luther king Jr.

A story by: Nana Amaniampong

King Elementary School, Woodbridge.

Martin Luther King once quoted “The time is always right to do what is right”. As I read this I remembered the day I did right, even though it wasn’t popular. This is the story of when I reported a bully, told the truth, and gained a friend.

It was a breezy autumn afternoon when it happened. My instructor Mrs. Larson had allowed us to take a quick intermission to the bathroom. I as well as three other children was sent. Since only three can be in the bathroom at a time, I waited outside the door. Later I began to eavesdrop. “I dare you!” Another fifth grader already in the bathroom exclaimed. “Or are you scared?” “I’m not scared of anything!” my friend Allen replied sternly. I wondered where my other classmate Brian was. All of a sudden there was a gigantic crash, and the fifth grader and Allen came blaring out while howling; “Bryan did it! Bryan did it!”

I curiously darted into the bathroom to discover a gaping hole in the bathroom stall, the shape of a Nike shoe. Just like the one Allen was wearing. Next to the hole was Brian looking more confused than ever. Personally I didn’t know Brian very well, but I knew he wouldn’t jump of the stall. Would he? I glared into Bryan’s eyes. This was my way of immobilizing him making him confess. It didn’t work. “I- Brian started but stopped and let out a sigh.” “I didn’t do it.” He mumbled. “Allen did.” I couldn’t believe this, Allen was my friend. But wait the conversation Allen was having with the fifth grader. It was a bet. And Allen had followed through with it.

“Okay get your facts straight.” I thought to myself. I was in the principal’s office. Bryan was called down by Allen who was said to have broken the wall. I was called down shortly after as a bystander. “Boys!” the principal directed. “I need the honest truth. Who dented the wall?” all eyes were on me. I needed to think fast. “Hmmm.” I breathed slowly. “Bryan didn’t do anything. Allen did,” I explained the bet and the shape. She believed me. Allen looked at me in pure disgust. But I was glad I told the truth. About a week later Allen still wouldn’t talk to me, but I didn’t care. I gained a new friend, one that respected the rules. Have you ever stood up to a bully, gained a friend, or told the truth? I have. And now you know how.


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