Mythbusting the Common Core

The pressure on Virginia to adopt the Common Core State Standards is intense, with the CCSS’s supporters actively spreading false information, grossly exaggerating it’s success, and misrepresenting who is behind the CCSS. Virginia isn’t likely to last long under such intense pressure, so us plain folk need to arm ourselves with knowledge and share our opinions with our state delegation.

Here’s the first of a series from Truth in American Education debunking the CCSS myths – the myth that the CCSS are “state led”.

Most of our elected delegates in Richmond, I’m sorry to say, are not well informed about the Common Core.  We need to educate them.

Here is a handy dandy one clink link to send an email to all of them.  Below the link is a list of their names and individual email addresses.;;;;;;;


Richard Black –
Charles Colgan –
Toddy Puller –
Richard Stuart –
George Barker –


Scott Lingamfelter –
Richard Anderson –
Luke Torian –
Bob Marshall –
Jackson Miller –
Dave Ramadan –
Tim Hugo –
Mark Dudenhefer –


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