Support HB1719 on Concussion Training

Below is a letter received from Gil and Michelle Trenum.  They are asking folks to send emails to their state representatives asking them to support HB 1719 on Requiring Concussion Training in schools across the state.  Please send your emails supporting this bill.  A cut and paste link is included at the end of the email to make it easier.

Kim Simons


Since Austin’s death in 2010 Gil and I have worked hard on Austin’s legacy protecting other young athletes from the dangers of concussions and educating others about sports related concussions and brain trauma.  Our 3 boys have always loved sports and we’ve been involved with youth sports leagues since 1995.  At one point I realized that between Austin, Cody and Walker’s various teams,  we have been involved with 80+ soccer, track, baseball, lacrosse, basketball, and football teams.  Most of those teams have been in youth league sports.  Our youth league experiences have been an important part of our boys’ lives.  We realize the importance of those leagues in raising happy, healthy and active kids which is why we feel strongly about protecting all those young athletes.

Recently, Gil and I have been working with Delegate Rich Anderson on enlarging the current Virginia concussion law to include youth sports leagues.  The bill, called HB 1719, requests that Youth Sports Leagues have a “concussion education, awareness and management plan” in place.  The purpose is to protect the young brains of  youth league child athletes.  Many leagues are already doing this on their own (like the Gainesville Grizzlies!) which is forward thinking and highly commendable.   The current state law only covers school sports and athletes aged 11-18 but there are a lot of boys and girls out there playing youth sports leagues, ages 4-11, who should also have the benefits of protection and the same shot at recovering successfully from head trauma.  The required training is free through the CDC so having a plan doesn’t cost leagues anything more than the time to put it together or they can use the school plans which are already written and readily available.  A simple youth sports league concussion education, awareness and management plan would cover:

  • Annual training of coaches and league administrators on concussions (free through the CDC)
  • Education on the symptoms of concussions provided for parents and athletes
  • Return to play guidelines

Your short email should include:
“HB 1719 Support”  in subject line

  • Your name and city
  • Any experiences with youth sports leagues if you have any (coach, parent, league administrator, etc.)…even if you haven’t been involved in leagues or your kids are grown, you can still support the bill
  • Why you support HB 1719

Here is are the cut and paste email addresses for committee members to make it easy:;;;;;;;

Thank you so much for helping us with this effort.  We want to make sure ALL young brains in Virginia are protected, not just those of the kids playing middle and high school sports.  Feel free to forward this along to people you also think might be interested in supporting HB 1719.
And if any of you are eager to meet us at 5 am on a weekday morning to head to Richmond and speak in person at one of the committee meetings, we’re delighted to have you along.  Just let us know.
Gil and Michelle Trenum

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