Blame the Teachers, Part (2)

Blame the teachers.  That’s the advice from PWCS for anyone with concerns about the Math program.

During the Math informational presentation at the January 2 2013 school board meeting PWCS staff made a number of statements that I felt deserved a bit more clarification.  This is part (2) of that series.

The PWC Math Curriculum Teaches Above the VA SOLs 

One of the biggest lies you will hear repeated by all sorts of folks affiliated with PWCS is the statement that the SOLs are the minimum PWCS teaches.   The truth is that instruction in PWCS does not exceed the SOLs; our curriculum is the VA SOLs.  I know this because the School Board approved the school division’s recommendation that we teach to the SOLs and only to the SOLs on June 15, 2011.

On June 1, 2011 PWCS recommended that the school division adopt the new PWCS Math Curriculum (see here).  The curriculum, the PWCS Math Curriculum, is a word for word, letter for letter copy of the VA SOLs for Math.      I fought against this recommendation because I felt that the SOLs represented the bare minimum we should be teaching our children.   The school division disagreed.  Carol Knight, the head of PWCS’ math department, asked where our curriculum could exceed the SOLs, and I provided her and the school board with detailed examples (see here and here). My efforts were a waste of time as the School Board ultimately voted for the PWC curriculum to be the Va SOLs (see here).Our PWC Math Curriculum is the VA SOLs.  PWCS’ goal, which was openly stated at the time, is to pass the highest percentage of students on the SOL exams as possible.Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble there, but it’s high time someone remind the school division and school board of the decisions they made and the lies they keep repeating.  The PWC Math Curriculum is the VA SOLs.  We teach to the SOLs.  Our goal is to pass as many kids on the SOL exams as possible.


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