Hot Times in the Kelly Center Tonight!

There is a school board meeting tonight, January 2, 2013, and it should be interesting.  There will be a Work Session on the CIP following the regular meeting.  Both the meeting and work session are open to the public.


First is the organizational meeting where the interim appointee to the Woodbridge seat will be announced.  I assume the school board / division will also announce the date of the election to fill the seat, which will likely be either a special election on April 9, 2013 or the general election on November 5, 2013.


Next is the Consent Agenda, which is where things that don’t really require any sort of debate are supposed to live.  These things are approved in one vote to help the meeting move more quickly.  Sometimes things end up on the Consent Agenda  that are confusing or bring forth questions, so I tend to watch it closely.  There are several items on the Consent Agenda this week that I have questions about:

#22 Increase in the FY 2013 School Operating Fund

This is a motion to increase the operating budget for FY 2013 by slightly more than $1.8 million because of additional grant money received from state and federal sources and receipts of local revenues, like parking fees.  This item isn’t controversial, but I do have several questions about the increase in the FY 2013 operating fund and the effect these receipts will have on the projected $12 million shortfall.

At the end of  year PWCS has roughly $22 million in orders that have not been delivered or services that have not been provided.  So, at the end of the 2012 SY, PWCS had about $22 million of stuff it ordered that hadn’t been delivered or paid for that would be invoiced and paid for in the 2013 SY.   Because of accounting rules, PWCS had to carry forward money from the 2012 SY to the 2013 SY to pay for those items.  This happens every year and it’s been around $22 million for a long time, so the amount of undelivered orders / commitments and need to carry forward money from one SY to the next for those undelivered orders / commitments is a standard practice.

My question is about the shortfall projected at the end of this SY.  PWCS projected that the division would be about $12 short of the $22 million needed to cover undelivered orders / commitments at the end of the school year.  Will this $1.8 million in receipts reduce that shortfall and by how much?  The division has asked for several other increases in the operating budget due to unexpected receipts.  Did those reduce the shortfall?  Several months ago PWCS asked to spend a significant amount of operating money on capital projects because the expenditures associated with those projects would be incurred before the bonds were issued to pay for them.  We were assured that the operating fund would be reimbursed for these capital expenditures once the bonds were issued.  Will that reimbursement reduce the shortfall?  As of right now, how much is the projected shortfall?

#24 Increase FY 2013 Budget and Appropriation for the Governor’s School at Innovation Park

Like the item #22, this item increases the budget for the Governor’s School because of additional grants received from various local sources.  I don’t have any questions about this, but some people watch the Governor’s School closely and will be interested.

#25 Funding Agreement for the Governor’s School @ Innovation Park

This items contains the agreement between PWCS and GMU to provide funding for full time employees for the Governor’s School.  The agreement linked to the agenda items doesn’t specify the number of employees, what their job functions will be, or how much they’ll be paid.  Maybe that information will be disclosed tonight or maybe it’s disclosed elsewhere, but I’d find it difficult to agree to provide funding for full time employees when we don’t know how many full time employees we’ll have to provide, what those employees will do, or how much they’ll be paid.


#30 Boundary Recommendation for Loch Lomond, Sinclair, Sudley, West Gate, Mullen, and Ellis Elementary Schools.

A committee has been meeting to develop a plan for revising the boundaries of the school listed above.  The plan would move the following students:

  • Stonington, Sudley, Sudley Place, Sudley Village, and a portion of Sudley Manor are reassigned from Sinclair ES to Sudley ES.
  • Fairmont, Heritage Crossing, and a portion of Westgate of Lomond are reassigned from West Gate ES to Loch Lomond ES.
  • A portion of Coverstone is reassigned from Mullen ES to Sinclair ES.
  • Orchard Glen residents off of Cattail Court, Rosemary Ridge residents off of Wild Ginger Circle, Coverstone IV, Jackson Ridge Condos, and Paradise residents off of Monitor Court, Staunton Circle, and Winfield Loop are reassigned from Mullen ES to Sinclair ES.
  • TGM (Tanglewood) Apartments and a portion of The Knolls at Bull Run Townhomes are reassigned from Ellis ES to Mullen ES.

#32 Math Instruction in PWCS

Mrs Satterwhite (Gainesville) requested that the school division provide information about the manner in which the new K – 8 math textbooks are being implemented, how much is being spent on them and additional instructional resources, and how assessments are driving lesson pacing.


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