Nov 7 2012 School Board Meeting – Agenda

The agenda for the November 7 2012 School Board meeting is available on the PWCS web site (here).  Listed below are several items we found interesting.

From the Consent Agenda:

Item #16 – Compensation Study Members.  The item is simply the board identifying the individuals who will serve on the compensation committee.  Obviously, the school division will be seating a committee to study teacher compensation.  I think it’s safe to say that this committee’s discussions will be of interest to many members of our community.  As such, I think it is important that our school board members direct whomever is in charge of this committee to ensure that (a) meetings are announced in advance with the meeting date, time, and location specified; (b) meetings are open to the public ; and, (c) that minutes are taken and posted on the PWCS web site so that anyone interested can find them.  I think that’s the bare minimum the school division / board should do to ensure that the community is informed about what this committee is considering.

Item #11 – Dual Enrollment MOU with NVCC.  This item provides the memorandum of understanding between NVCC and PWCS regarding High School students enrolled in classes at NVCC receiving both high school credit for graduation and college credit.

#15 – Land Proffered by UVA for Elementary School.  This item describes the dedication of land from UVA for use as an elementary school as part of the proffer associated with the rezoning of UVA Foundation Property.

From the regular agenda:

#19 Strategic Plan Report.  This is the school division’s report on their progress against the Strategic Plan, which includes reports on student performance on SOL, SAT, ACT, AP, IB, and other assessments.  The presentation is 74 pages long.  Yes, seventy-four pages.  How can anyone pay attention to anything when it is buried in a presentation that is 74 pages long?  Just reading those pages and looking at the graphs to understand them takes at least an hour or more.  I will also point out that our school division’s overt goal for our children is to pass the SOL exams and be average for the state and nation.

That goal means we’ve set our sights on being the lowest performing school division in the northern region.

#20 First Quarter Budget Report.  Very high level overview of budget updates for the 1st quarter of the school year.

#24 Allowing eighth graders to participate in VHSL and club sports.  This is an information item on the proposed policy.


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