VA Board of Ed to Reset SOL Pass Rate Targets

Realizing that the new Math SOL pass rate targets they announced in July are so low that they are disgusting, the VA Board of Education has announced that they will be “revisiting” them.    According to the statement, the new pass rate targets were issued before the results of the “more rigorous” 2011 – 2012 Math exams had been received.  Now that the results have been received, the VA BOE will be revisiting “revisit the methodology in order to set more aggressive annual goals for raising subgroup achievement and closing achievement gaps.”

Translation – we screwed up and need to fix it. While I think the new pass rate targets bordered on disgusting, I give the state credit for realizing that they made a mistake and taking steps to fix the error.

You can find a chart with the SOL exam pass rate targets, the ones that were issued in July and will be “revisited”,  here.


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