PWCS Teachers Cheating on VA SOL


The Washington Post reported yesterday that several PWC teachers have been disciplined and will be given retraining for giving “inappropriate aide” to students on the recent SOL exams, otherwise known as cheating  (see here).  Incidents were reported at the following schools:

  • Swans Creek Elementary
  • Elizabeth Vaughan Elementary
  • Cedar Point Elementary
  • Woodbridge Middle School
  • Kerrydale Middle School


I just wanted to take a brief moment to express my opinion on this issue.  The teachers involved in this ought to be ashamed of themselves.  I realize that there is intense pressure for kids to pass the SOL, but cheating by giving them the right answers is not acceptable.  Retraining, frankly, is the minimum that should happen.

But I also know that most teachers won’t cheat unless they’re under intense pressure from their school Principal and administration.  The pressure to do well on the SOL was so much more intense this year than I’ve ever seen it.  My kids school was like a pressure cooker, and it’s never been like that before.  The kids were stressed out, teachers were stressed out, and parents were stressed out. No wonder my children’s school ended up on the list of shame.

That sort of intense pressure comes from above – from school Principals and Central Administration.  That’s not the way to run a school system.

So, while the teachers are being blamed and getting “retraining”, I hope that the Principals at each of these schools are also being disciplined and “retrained” to chill the heck out over the SOL.

The DC Examiner is also reporting on the cheating scandal in PWCS.  According do the Examiner, a teacher at Cedar Point made an audio tape recording of the SOL tests, which violates state policies.  There was no mention of the mean / median advice in the Examiner article, which you can read here.


4 Responses to “PWCS Teachers Cheating on VA SOL”

  1. seattleducation2011 Says:

    You make a good point but the buck goes up much higher than that to the Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. Because of Race to the Top and the demand that teachers and schools be “graded” on their test scores with the fear of losing jobs or closing schools, principals, teachers and school districts are feeling a lot of pressure and this will not stop until we take back our schools at the state and local level and not let the Federal government dictate how are schools are run.

    See “A New Vision of School Reform” in the Nation:

  2. Citizen Tom Says:

    It is my duty to inform you, according to the guidelines for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, that Citizen Tom has nominated you for it: If you so choose to accept, it will be my pleasure. Thanks for your inspiring blog.

  3. Very Inspiring Blogger Award | Citizen Tom Says:

    […] a bad system work until it can be replaced. Well, some of the teachers are cheating on the VA SOL, PWCS Teachers Cheating on VA SOL. What is the VA SOL? This is what politicians do when they don’t know what to do. Instead of […]

  4. shelia Frazier Says:

    My son is ten iin the 4rd is 10 cannt read i ve proof of them change scores they will do nothing to help me at orange county va…

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