New SOL Exam Pass Rate Targets For VA Public Schools

The VA DOE has issued the new SOL exam pass rate targets for Virginia public schools (see here).  Target pass percentages have been set for new student subgroups which include: all students; all black, white, Hispanic, and Asian students, all special education (SPED), English language learners (ELL), economically disadvantaged students (ED), and what the DOE is calling proficiency Group 1, which is an aggregate of SPED, ELL, and ED students.

Reading targets are available for the 2011 – 2012 school year, the school year we just completed and will be updated next year when the 2012 – 2013 SY SOL exam results are available.  Math targets have been issued through the 2016 – 2017 school year.


2 Responses to “New SOL Exam Pass Rate Targets For VA Public Schools”

  1. PC in Virginia Says:

    Thank you Virginia Department of Education! Diversity is upon us and a gift is given to local educators, parents (and or equivalent such adult “influencers”), and children of all races and “student subgroups.” Now we can definitively state that there is no expectation that education is a great equalizer, for now it is the “law of the land” in Virginia that we only expect children of certain ethnic backgrounds to reach heights of achievement in mathematics (or reading)!

    So if you’re a child of Asian or to a lesser extent caucasian origin (“white” in VDOE parlance) – you damned well better excel and achieve. Conversely, should you be “fortunate enough” to be a Black or Hispanic child (“Group 2 or 3” in VDOE-speak), the heat’s off. Don’t work hard and achieve…we really don’t think “your kind” has it in you and frankly we have no realistic expectations for your educational success.

    With politically correct nonsense like this, is there any wonder parents across the nation are fed up with the “public education machine?”

  2. VA Board of Ed to Reset SOL Pass Rate Targets « PWC Education Reform Blog Says:

    […] You can find a chart with the SOL exam pass rate targets, the ones that were issued in July and will be “revisited”,  here. […]

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