I’m Lost on the PWCS Web Site, and I Can’t Find My Way Home!

Over the past several weeks / months / years, I’ve heard numerous complaints about the PWCS web site and how difficult it is to find anything on it.  If you’ve never been to it, go PWCS.edu and try to find last year’s SOL scores, or the budget for the 2012 – 2013 School Year, or the audit from the 2010 – 2011 School Year.  Try to determine what elementary school your home is assigned to, or of any boundary decisions are pending that might affect the school your children attend or your home.  Try to find our what will be served for lunch today or find information about special ed programs in the county.  Try to determine the calendar for this year and next.

All of this is basic information that should be readily available on the PWCS web site, but, with the exception of the calendar, is hard to find.  I’m not even sure if test scores are presented anywhere on the PWCS webs site because I can’t find them, and finding the approved budget for the 2012-2013 school year took me 10 minutes. I’d provide the path, but I can’t remember what it was.    Determining my local elementary school was just a couple of clicks, but the path was really strange (Parents – Find Your School).  If you want to find out about boundary changes affecting your home or current base schools, you have to click on Departments, Finance and Support Services, Facilities Services.  Finding out what’s for lunch today requires clicking on Parents, Meals & Menus, Menus – School Meals, then going to the menu on the left hand side of the page and clicking on Menus and selecting which menu you want. Really?

So here goes.  If you could revamp the PWCS web page, what information would you have available in one click?

Feel free to post your comments here, or join us on facebook.  We’ll consolidate the responses and send them to PWCS with a request that they re-design the school system web site to make the information we look for easier to find.

Update:  Here is the link to our facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/182108451423/


3 Responses to “I’m Lost on the PWCS Web Site, and I Can’t Find My Way Home!”

  1. ed Says:

    The pull down menus don’t work; you have to scroll to just the right point before pointing to them or they disappear off the bottom of the screen. Basic information is hard to find as well.

  2. melinda masters Says:

    Consolidation of information in one click, so all budget items, upcoming and years past. This is just an example.

    How to find out curriculum for courses, such as math. And a better way for teachers to get information out, a requirement from the county to state you need to post class information on fusion (although this has nothing to do with what you are discussing), so when you don’t get a response from the teacher, you know what your child has to make up, so they don’t get an “F” which happened no less than three times in one term for my child who contracted strep, then noro virus and was out of one class for three days.

  3. pwceducationreform Says:

    Ditto to your ideas Melinda and Ed! I’d really like for Fusion or Portal or whatever it is now to have weighting for scores and numeric scores instead of just letter scores. I’d like to know if that B was an almost C or an almost A.

    For the PWCS site, I’d like to see links across the top of the page for:
    – School Board – and this should provide access to the schedule of meetings, agenda for upcoming meetings, minutes of past meetings, and the PWCS TV link to the televised school board meetings.
    – Test Scores – SAT / ACT, SOL, Surveys with the actual responses to survey’s. I can’t find them anywhere on the PWCS site.
    – Financials – with links a page listing the Budget for the current school year, next school year, and past school years; links to a page with our audited financial statements and current year actual financial statements; and links to a page on the CIP.
    – Schools – with a link to “Find My Local School”, pending boundary decisions, and local schools.
    – Special Ed – with links to the Resource Center and anything else SPED parents and students might need.
    – Meals – both breakfast and lunch right at the top where you need to find it.
    – Calendar – current year and next year, once it’s approved.

    I haven’t thought about the stuff down the side yet.

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