National Sexuality Standards for K -12 for all Public Schools

Yes, you read that correctly.  The National Sexuality Standards for K – 12 have been released.  Under Race To The Top, (RttT),  all states which have signed on to RttT will have to implement instructional materials and programs that meet these Sexuality standards in all of their public schools. {see UPDATE below}

Virginia schools will not have to comply, yet, but the only reason Virginia schools won’t have to comply with RttT is because of Governor McDonnell’s direction.  We may have to implement these standards when Governor McDonnell’s term is over.

Additionally, RttT was originally part of The Stimulus and allowed the Obama Administration to circumvent existing education law by providing funding through a different program, with funding hinging on whether states agree to adopt and implement national standards and assessments, like the National Sexuality Standards.  RttT should have expired when The Stimulus expired, but Congress has continued to fund increases in education spending through RttT, thereby allowing the Obama Administration to continue to circumvent existing education laws while punting on updating or repealing NCLB (which is the current education law).

Click in this link to read the National Sexuality Education Standards: Core Content and Skills, K–12.


Under Race to the Top states were expected to agree to adopt and implement common K – 12 standards and assessments.  In the last several months, the US Dept of Ed began issuing waivers from NCLB’s accountability requirements to states or school districts which agreed to adopt and implement the national K – 12 standards and assessments. Just about every state in the country has agreed to adopt the common, National standards and assessments.   Virginia is one of the few holdouts.

Common standards, known as the Common Core Standards, have been developed and issued for Math and English.  Common assessments are currently being developed for Math and English.  A framework for common Science Standards has been issued, with work on the grade level / subject specific standards ongoing.

The National Sexuality Education Standards certainly seem to fall under that “common standards and assessments” umbrella, but we have been unable to find anything which specifically states that the US Dept of Ed will require participating states to adopt and implement these standards.


4 Responses to “National Sexuality Standards for K -12 for all Public Schools”

  1. Danaher M. Dempsey, Jr. Says:

    The statement about high rates of teen pregnancy in the USA needs to be examined. Rates are declining. Is the reason for a high teen pregnancy rate lack of knowledge, or other societal factors?

  2. pwceducationreform Says:

    And are the declines due to increased access to birth control or because sexual activity among teenagers is declining?

    It’s really an interesting debate. In Virginia parents are allowed to opt their child out of their school district’s sex education program. Under RttT, school district MUST provide instruction that meets the National Sexuality Standards – like 5th graders knowing that their biological sex is determined by their chromosomes, but their gender is determined by how they identify sexually. So, if Virginia ends up complying with RttT, will parents still be able to opt their child out of Sexuality Education, or will they have no choice?

  3. Our Modern Day Education System Via quotes and notes and opinions | Citizen Tom Says:

    […] National Sexuality Standards for K -12 for all Public Schools […]

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