NH Legslature Votes to Give Parents Control Over their Child’s Education

In overriding the Governor’s veto, Legislators in New Hampshire voted to give parents control over what their children are taught.

The bill, HB 542, requires “school districts to adopt a policy allowing an exception to specific course material based on a parent’s or legal guardian’s determination that the material is objectionable. Such policy shall include a provision requiring the parent or legal guardian to notify the school principal or designee in writing of the specific material to which they object and a provision requiring an alternative agreed upon by the school district and the parent, at the parent’s expense, sufficient to enable the child to meet state requirements for education in the particular subject area.”

As is pretty much expected these days, the screaming from both sides of the political spectrum had begun before the ink was dry.

So what’s it mean? If you live in NH, and you find the material your child’s school is using objectionable, you can demand different materials for your child provided those materials meet state standards and you pay for them.


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