CIP Updates Underway for PWCS

PWCS has announced that they will begin updating the CIP shortly and citizen comments are welcomed.  Here’s the announcement and link:

Capital Improvement Planning Begins; Community Input Opportunities to Come
January 5, 2012
Preliminary work is underway on the ever-evolving Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) Capital Improvements Program (CIP). School Board Members last night (January 4) discussed staff recommendations for updating the program in the face of County growth that continues to add an average of 2,400 students annually. The latest recommendations ensure the School Division can provide a safe, inviting school environment that meets the needs of all children and allows every student to reach his or her full potential.
A formal version of the program will be considered and subject to public comment at the School Board’s official budget session in February. A version approved by the School Board ultimately goes to the Board of County Supervisors for final approval and appropriation.
The 10-year program anticipates and addresses future facilities requirements based on changing housing trends and enrollment projections, maintenance and renovation schedules, and specific educational needs. Suggestions to modify the 2012–21 CIP are meant to meet those requirements while maximizing the value of existing facilities and new investments. Highlights include:
  • Completion of dozens of projects currently planned or underway;
  • Parkside Middle School addition increased from 15 to 16 rooms to meet needs beyond 2014;
  • New Dominion addition delayed to 2015 due to land issues, and planning required for avoiding building disruptions;
  • New Elementary School East-Ferlazzo added for 2016 due to area growth trends and resulting program enrollment;
  • Rippon Middle School addition increased from eight to nine classrooms for 2016 for expanded programs;
  • Henderson Elementary School addition delayed to 2017 due to enrollment projections;
  • Construction accelerated to permit Elementary School East opening in 2017 to address  continued population growth in the Neabsco Mills area;
  • Elementary School West delayed to 2018 due to growth trends in the Linton Hall area;
  • Kilby Elementary School addition changed to full building replacement to double capacity in 2017 and relieve overcrowding across a broad area;
  • New five-classroom addition to Springwood ES in 2017 due to Lake Ridge area growth;
  • New PACE East replacement building with multi-space added to 2018 to address population growth and changing programmatic needs;
  • Haymarket-area Elementary School addition delayed to 2019 due to population trends;
  • A new Middle School East scheduled to open in 2020 to accommodate projected growth;
  • One new High School (East) and Elementary School (location TBD) slated to open in 2021 to accommodate expected growth;
  • McAuliffe Elementary School addition delayed past 2021 due to combined impact of revised enrollment projections and planned acceleration of the opening of another ES serving the area to 2017.
 The combined recommendations align building priorities with student needs—with dollars following enrollment. The CIP also provides for facilities in several buildings specifically designed to allow many special needs students to attend classes closer to home, in the least restrictive environment, where they can enrich and benefit from a diverse school community.    
 Changes in earlier timetables respond to revised enrollment projections and budget availability, while making certain students have the facilities they need when they’re needed. Parental and community input is welcome.

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