PWCS SAT Scores Among Lowest in VA, Region, and US

Students in Prince William County Schools continue to achieve the lowest SAT scores in the state and region.

The College Board released mean SAT scores for the nation and each state and school district in September. Contrary to the cheer leading from PWCS, mean SAT scores for students in the district in 2011 are among the lowest in the state and region*, and even lag behind national means as the chart below indicates:

* We were unable to obtain SAT scores from Fauquier County Public Schools.

The mean SAT scores for PWCS’s highest performing High School, Battlefield, don’t even meet Loudoun’s mean countywide scores.  PWCS’s mean is more than 150 points below Fairfax’s and more than 100 points below Loudoun’s.  PWCS is almost 30 points below state means and about 10 points below national means.

Mean SAT scores did increase slightly in PWCS in 2009 and 2010, but those increases paralleled increases across the nation, state, and region, as did the decline in scores in 2011.  What is abundantly clear is that PWCS lags well behind national, state, and regional mean scores on the SAT.

PWCS has contended for years that our scores for each “ethinc” group exceed national, state, and regional means, but that our ethnic diversity results in our lower overall scores.  We attempted to verify this assertion, but were unable to do so.  While Fairfax and Loudoun County public schools  and the VA DOE disclose the mean scores for each “ethnic group” on their web sites, PWCS does not disclose this data.   Why the district does not disclose the data which is the basis of their defense of being “lower than everyone else” is unknown.


Loudoun Scores

Fairfax Scores

Prince William Scores

City of Manassas Scores

City of Manassas Park Scores

Stafford Scores

UPDATE:  PWCS has just posted the SAT scores for each “ethnic” group on the district’s public web page.  You can find that chart here.


2 Responses to “PWCS SAT Scores Among Lowest in VA, Region, and US”

  1. Citation Says:

    Why you highlight Prince Willaim?

  2. pwceducationreform Says:

    We highlighted Prince William because our article is about Prince William Counties scores.

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