The Administration Responds

Below is an email sent by PWCS Administration regarding the public comment period for math textbook adoption:

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for your long hours and great discussions regarding the mathematics textbooks. Some sub-committees have come to preliminary conclusions and others are still working at this time. The public comment period for input to the committees is open until December 21. Should there be any additional forms that come in from the public, we will share them via e-mail or by arranging an additional meeting or conference call for any group whose meetings have concluded. After reviewing additional public comments that may come in, if any single committee member believes that this information warrants additional discussion about the preliminary conclusions, then that sub-committee will reconvene.

Our goal continues to be that every community member interested in this process has had appropriate time to review the considered textbooks and an opportunity to express his/her thoughts and ideas.
Even after the public comment period that allows for the committee to receive input, the books will remain on display throughout the county so that citizens may still review them and provide comment directly to the Prince William County School Board.

Thanks again for your dedication to this important job.

I gotta call this for the CYA BS it is. Elementary made their decision on December 1, and MS & HS made their decisions a week later. There was nothing preliminary about those decisions – they were the final decisions. The only reference to any of the public comments that had been received before those “vote” meetings was a reminder that public comments were in the boxes on our tables should we want to look them over.

If public comments really mattered the administration would ask the committees to meet again after the deadline to review any comments received, discuss the texts again, and then vote again. In lieu of the fact that the opinions at the final meetings appear to have been heavily swayed by the sales presentations which emphasized on-line materials over content sufficiency, that might not be such a bad thing.


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