Milt Johns For Chairman of the PWC School Board

Milt Johns has lead the PWC School Board for the past 4 years. His leadership style is best described as calm. He strives for consensus and has worked tirelessly to achieve that goal. He’s repaired the relationship between the school board and Board of County Supervisors and pushed the BOCS to pass a resolution ensuring that the school board’s opinion is provided any time a development of more than 100 homes is proposed. He pushed PWCS to develop a curriculum that exceeds to SOLs rather than just accept whatever the state tells us to do. He lead the effort to lobby the state to ensure that PWCS received its fair share of state education funds.

The Chairman has a difficult balancing act to play between the school district and citizens who are breathing fire. Milt’s leadership style has sometimes appeared to us to be too conciliatory and in several cases we felt a bit more fight from the Chairman might have improved the decision making process. In the hopes that we’ll see a bit more fire in the future, we endorse Milt Johns as Chairman of the Prince William County School Board.


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