2011 Prince William County School Board Candidate Questionnaire

2011 Prince William County School Board Candidate Questionnaire

You can find the full questionnaire without any responses at this link===> PWC SB Candidate Quest 2011

Purpose of the Questionnaire

Prince William County elects an entirely new school board every 4 years. Once a board is elected it will not change for a number of years, which makes selecting a candidate who understands the issues that are important to their constituents that much more important.

Web sites and candidate statements only provide a limited, one-sided view of an individual candidate’s opinion on issues they think are important. Debates provide opportunities to contrast each candidate’s viewpoint on selected issues, but sometimes the limited response format doesn’t offer the depth some issues deserve. So we put together a questionnaire about issues we think are likely to come up in the next few years so that we can all better understand where the candidates stand on those issues and select the person we believe will best represent us.

We hope candidates will respond to the questionnaire as it will provide them with an opportunity to address critical issues in as much, or little, detail as they believe is necessary.

Administering the Questionnaire

The Candidate Questionnaire will be sent to school board candidates by email on September 30, 2011. Candidates are asked to complete the questionnaire and return their responses by October 7, 2011. We will verify the authenticity of responses we receive and post them unedited on our web site. Any clarifications or corrections candidates wish to include in their responses after the deadline will also be verified and posted on our web site.

The questionnaire begins with an opening statement and introduction from each candidate and then proceeds to questions for all candidates. Those questions are sorted into broad categories, which are:
• District Administration
• Budget and Transparency
• Relations with Teachers
• Redistricting and School Construction
• Curriculum and Instruction

Additional questions for candidates for School Board Chair are in a separate category.

Candidates are encouraged to provide their answers with as much or little detail as they believe is warranted. To keep things simple and clear, we ask that candidates provide their responses in blue.

Who Are We?

We are a group of parents and citizens with a vested interest in ensuring that our schools truly do offer the “World Class Education” Prince William County advertises because our children attend Prince William County Public Schools. We believe that Prince William County Schools offer our children a great education, but that there is room for improvement and issues that deserve attention. We hope that this questionnaire will be useful to both citizens and candidates in that it will clarify candidates’ positions on critical issues without campaign slogans.


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