PWCS Seating Math Textbook Adoption Committee

PWCS has begun accepting applications to serve on the Math Textbook Adoption Committee (see announcement below).  Applications are due by July 8 2011.

Math Investigations was not reviewed by the VA DOE and is not on the list of DOE recommended texts.
Office of Mathematics Seeks Textbook Adoption Committee Members

June 20, 2011

On June 15, the Prince William County School Board approved the timeline and evaluation criteria for the adoption process for K–12 mathematics books. The Office of Mathematics is currently seeking Textbook Adoption Committee members. Any county resident who is interested in serving on the committee may obtain an application from the PWCS Mathematics Office by contacting Deborah Starry at 703.791.8849 or sending an email to It is also available on the Mathematics Web site at

Committee meetings will begin on August 2 and meet approximately twice per month through December 1. Most meetings will be held on Thursday evenings from 6–8 p.m. A limited number of spaces are available. The application deadline is July 8.


2 Responses to “PWCS Seating Math Textbook Adoption Committee”

  1. anon Says:

    What is the point of reviewing textbooks at the elementary level and paying teachers to do it? Are we going to get rid of investigations? I hope so – what a tremendous waste of money. Many teachers do LOTS of supplementing with outside of materials.

    Have you ever looked into how much those “workbooks” cost per school. I don’t have exact dollar figures, but it is HUGE. Maybe you can FOIA the data? I’d bet the school board has NO idea how much replenishing those workbooks costs every year.

  2. pwceducationreform Says:

    State law requires school districts to select new textbooks on an established schedule and this year it’s math textbooks. State and county regulations require the district to appoint a committee of parents, teachers, subject matter experts, and administrators to review and recommend a text they believe is appropriate for PWC students.

    Investigations was not submitted to the state for review against the VA SOLs. As such it was not one of the textbooks recommended by the VA DOE for use in VA schools. PWCS can select a textbook that isn’t recommended by the state, like they did when they selected Investigations, provided they follow the appropriate procedure.

    The Investigations workbooks cost somewhere between $6 and $8 each and they have to be purchased every year for every student. In a class of 25 students that would be between $150 and $200 each year for the student workbooks.

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