TERC Students Don’t Learn Math

That’s the conclusion of a review conducted by an internal task force assigned to assess instruction and learning in Frederick Md’s public schools (FCPS).  FCPS adopted TERC’s Math Investigations as their primary K-5 mathematics textbook in 2008, but was forced to reconsider the decision when parents rose up in opposition.

The report, which was posted on the Frederick County Public Schools’ website on Thursday, states that neither the Frederick County elementary math curriculum nor teachers in their classrooms place appropriate emphasis on teaching basic math operations, such as subtraction, addition, division and multiplication. The report also found that the existing elementary math curriculum lacks balance between conceptual and procedural understanding


The report is not fully critical of school system practices, but it marks the first time that Frederick County staff has pointed to gaps and weaknesses in their approach to elementary math. In the report, the task force also gives recommendations for improvement and suggests a new elementary math textbook for Frederick County schools.

According to the report, parents began complaining about TERC almost as soon as it was implemented in 2008, but it too until February of 2011 when a new school board was sworn in for the board to take action.

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