Gil Trenum Running for School Board from Brentsville District

Gil Trenum has officially announced that he will be seeking re-election to the Prince William County School Board to represent Brentsville District residents.

Gil has proven to be a tireless fighter for Brentsville residents.  He fought to have the new elementary school on Linton Hall Road (Piney Branch) and Patriot High School open one year earlier than originally scheduled.  He fought to get 300 MS seats added to the Nokesville school, seats which would not otherwise have been added in the district until 2018.  He lobbied the district to change our grading scale so that Prince William County students would be assigned grades on the same scale followed across the state.  He successfully lobbied the Governor and General Assembly to give Cambridge students the same standing at Virginia Colleges and Universities as IB and AP students.  He’s pushed PWCS to lead the state in developing and implementing a comprehensive concussion management policy.

More than that,  Gil listens to citizen concerns about our schools and does whatever he can to help.  He stood with parents concerned about the direction math instruction has taken in our county and actively lobbied the School Board to give parents a choice in what their children are taught.  He’s been willing to hold district officials accountable when they misrepresent information and challenge false assumptions.  He’s a parent of students in Brentsville district schools and an advocate and friend of the citizens of Brentsville District.

We fully support Gil and wish him success in his bid.  If you live in Brentsville District you ought to give Gil your support because he supports you!


One Response to “Gil Trenum Running for School Board from Brentsville District”

  1. Ed Says:

    Good luck Gil…

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