Chicago School Bans Lunch From Home?

According to this April 11th article in the Chicago Tribune, a public school in Chicago has banned lunches from home because the school’s leaders believe the district cafeteria does a better job providing a nutritionally balanced meal than parents.  Certainly we’ve gone through some extent of that in our PWC schools as some schools have prohibited parents from bringing in cupcakes or cookies for Birthday parties and many schools strongly suggest healthy snacks instead of candy or other sweets.  But to tell a child that he can either eat the crummy cafeteria food or go hungry is unconscionable.  Here I thought the reason we provided free and reduced lunch and breakfast was because children learn better when they aren’t hungry, yet here’s a school that forces kids to go hungry if they commit the atrocious crime of bringing a bag lunch.

Chicago public schools are among the worst in the nation, yet this school isn’t trying to figure out what changes need to be implemented to provide the children assigned to their school with a proper education, no no, they banned lunches from home.

Here’s a suggestion for this Chicago school – teach your students.  Reading.  Writing. Math.  Science.  History.  Your test scores show that you are failing at teaching your students, so your belief that you can do better than your students’ parents is ridiculous.


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