We’re Back!!!

After taking an extended vacation to relax, regroup, and pay homage to whomever developed the first air conditioner, we’re back.

We return with a new page dedicated to one of the most important issues facing public education – National Academic Standards. We hope you take the time to absorb the information on this page because the Federal Government, through a national consortium known as the Common Core State Standards Organization or some as yet unnamed consortium, is poised to take control over what it taught in every subject in every grade in every school in the nation.

If you think we’re immune from national standards in Virginia, you’re wrong. Virginia can hold out against adopting national standards as long as it can afford to go without federal education funds – which is about a week.

So take the time to check out National Academic Standards.

As soon as SOL scores are released by the VA DOE we will be posting information about PWC student performance. Schools, BTW, have had SOL data since early July. Until then, we hope you enjoy your vacation!


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