PWCS Wants $2.5 Mil to Upgrade Student Information System

PWCS currently uses an information system calls SASIxp to store information about students.  In 2008 SASIxp’s developer, Pearson, announced that it would be discontinuing support for SASIxp  and upgrading to a new program called Chancery SMS.  Because PWCS uses SASIxp and will no longer have the technical support and licenses available to add new schools to the system, the district has asked the school board to approve a $2.5 million no-bid contract to Pearson to upgrade SASIxp to Chancery SMS.

Odd – when the FY 2011 budget was proposed just a few weeks ago PWCS listed eliminating the upgrade of the student information system as one of it’s “cost cutting” measures.  Now it’s back, and, rather than having the time to deliberate and consider alternatives which might save money, we have to rush the contract to Pearson because if we don’t get it issued soon we won’t have enough time to migrate to the new system before the three new schools open in 2011.

We’ve known since 2008 that the system was going to discontinued by its developer.  How could the district not know the effects of that discontinuation?  Just a few weeks ago eliminating the upgrade was listed in the Superintendent’s budget proposal as a “savings”.   Why?  If district officials knew the system was going to be discontinued then they knew, or should have known, that they’d have to replace it.  This is yet another ball PWCS dropped.  A $2.5 million ball.


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