New Elementary School at Stonewall MS?

Will PWCS build a new Elementary School on the grounds for Stonewall Middle School?

If PWCS has any say in it, they will. The decision to build a school at the Stonewall Middle School site has taken many parents by surprise. PWC SB members have not provided any justification behind the why a new ES is needed at that site to the public, but they continue to push for the county to allow a school to be built there.

The school board works for us. Their job isn’t to rubber stamp every proposal made by staff, but to actually think about and challenge staff – and make sure the public is fully aware of the decisions staff are making which affect our children. Yet again, the PWC SB is failing to do it’s job.

Why does a new 850 student school need to be built in the open space at Stonewall MS? The citizens of this county deserve to know.


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