Better Never than Late – PWC School Board Wasting More Time

The Year Three MI Report will finally be presented to the PWC school board on April 21st.  This is the report which summarizes how well (or badly) our kids are performing under the new TERC Investigations program.  Unfortunately, the report is for 2006 – 2009 and is being presented one month before the kids sit for the 2010 SOL.  In other words – the public and school board will be hearing about problems in the math program too late to do anything about it.

Presenting the report now is an absolute waste of time.  Contrary to claims made by various school board members that they would be carefully monitoring the elementary math program, the school board has done nothing but sit on it’s collective behinds, ans so has the school district.

Despite evidence that there are areas our kids just aren’t grasping, there have been no changes to the lesson pacing guides.  District officials are so enamored with the TERC program that they refuse to even consider that there might be gaps and are ignoring test data  and hiding behind bogus and transparent excuses.

Perhaps worse of all is the fact that our elected school board members are well aware that district officials have refused to examine detailed test data and are well aware of the declines in our kids performance – and they’ve continued to do absolutely NOTHING.

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