Our Sons Can’t Keep Up

Fifty years ago boys performed better than girls in school in just about every subject. Feminism told us that that gap was because schools, teachers, instructional programs, and society believed that boys were smarter or better than girls. Many states and the federal government launched programs to encourage girls to excel in school and sports. Funding and programs to encourage girls to reach higher abounded.

Those programs have paid off big time with achievement for girls racing ahead by leaps and bounds. Yet while our girls now excel in virtually every field, our boys are falling behind and can’t keep up.

The Center for Education Policies recent report on the “Gender Gap” is an eye opener (see also Nicholas D Kristof’s March 27th op-ed in the NY Times). It exposes that at virtually every grade level on every assessment scores achieved by girls exceed those achieved by boys. Girls now obtain more bachelors and masters degrees, as a percentage of their population, than boys. The average GPA for a high school girls is roughly .25 higher than the average GPA achieved by boys.

There are lots of arguments about why boys are falling behind – many of them just as sexist and offensive as the arguments that held girls behind for so many years.

The unfortunate reality is that we are failing our boys.


One Response to “Our Sons Can’t Keep Up”

  1. invincibleprobity Says:

    You might be interested in a slightly different take on failing boys posted at


    “Why Are American Men So Dumb?”

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