Why Do We Test Students?

Why Do We Test Students?

I had always thought  that the objective of testing was to determine if the students fully grasped the topic and offer additional instruction if any such areas were identified. Conversations with several parents over the last several weeks have me wondering if that assumption on my part was incorrect.

At the end of major units our children take tests.  Those tests by and large are not written by the teacher or the district curriculum department.  The tests are created by the textbook publishers or other national testing groups.  They are generally multiple choice and are scored by the classroom teachers and are re-used for several years.  As a result students are sent home with a note indicating how they performed on the test, but the test itself with incorrect responses denoted isn’t sent home.

Why would this be concerning and lead me to question how the results of those test are used?  Because it recently came to my attention that students are required to re-take tests if they get less than 90% correct.  But they aren’t given additional instruction to address comprehension gaps identified by the test – they’re given the test with the correct responses marked on it and told to study the test.

It seems our objective in testing students is to ensure that everyone gets 90% or more correct, not that they understand 90% of the content.

One parent commented that her child’s entire class tanked on the fractions assessment.  But the unit was over and in order to keep up with lesson pacing, nothing was done.  There was no additional instruction, no additional homework, nothing.

I have to admit that I’m very uncomfortable with this practice because it seems, well, to be a complete waste of time which will likely add to students developing pre-test anxiety rather than improving their understanding of the topic.  Coupled with the knowledge that the district, apparently, hasn’t bothered to examine our detailed SOL results to identify areas of concern and clearly hasn’t adapted instruction in response to those concerns, I have to wonder why we even bother to test our kids.


4 Responses to “Why Do We Test Students?”

  1. Anon Says:

    Wow. What school is that? Elem, middle, high? Sounds like somebody wants the numbers to look good for the higher ups.

  2. EdReformMod Says:

    Anon – the comments we’ve receive indicate that the practice is occurring county-wide in Elementary Schools.

  3. jackie Says:

    Middle schools too but not sure what the minimum % correct requirement is.

  4. Anon Says:

    Well, they “might” be impressing somebody now with these fake numbers, but if those numbers don’t hold up in June then I hope the admin knows who the lying principals are. I suspect they’ll know, but they won’t care, and they’ll blame it on the teachers.

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