The Case of The Missing Test Scores

When will Prince William County Schools be presenting the 2008 / 2009 school year results of it’s Math Investigations program?

Each year PWCS students in 1st and 2nd grade take the SDMT exam and parents, teachers, and administrators complete a lengthy survey gauging their opinions about the math program, at considerable cost to county taxpayers I might add. Those results, along with SOL scores, are supposed to be presented in the public forum at a school board meeting.

Last year the results were presented in September. It’s almost December and the results have still not been made available to the public. Why?

Several parents have asked their school board members and school district officials when the information will be presented. None have gotten any response.

One parent sent an email to district officials asking what the percentage correct was on the SOL as opposed to the percentage passing. This parent was asked to provide a $200 deposit just so that school district officials could determine whether there was sufficient data in the warehouse to answer that basic question.

It’s past time for test and survey results to be presented to the public. It is high time someone in the school district present full, unvarnished data so that we can all see where the program is working and where it’s failing. The school board needs to hold PWC officials accountable and demand that this data be presented.

Why the school board, apparently, refuses to do so is a question best left for voters to decide.


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