Christmas Eve Walk For Children

Every once in a while you meet someone who does everything he / she can to make the lives of others better. Austin Haynes is one of those people. He’s a local realtor and this Christmas Eve will be walking 75 to every Boys and Girls Club in the area to raise funds for the Clubs and CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates). Austin plans to end his night at his local church in time for Midnight Mass Services.

Austin’s release is below. I know times are tough, for all of us. If you can, please consider giving a donation to Austin. Thanks!


The Walk for Children is fast approaching, as are the Holidays. Training is becoming quite intense and my feet feel as if I am walking on glass most of the time. The final route of 75 miles is just about laid out; I should have it finished this evening. I will start walking at Midnight Christmas Eve at the CASA headquarters in Manassas and proceed over to all of the Boys and Girls Clubs, as well as the McCoart Building and City Hall. I hope to finish at St John Paul the Great in time for Midnight mass Christmas morning. I probably will not be very presentable at that point!

Thank you so much for those that have already given or have offered to walk with me and raise additional monies. WE ALL LOVE TO RECEIVE AT CHRISTMAS, BUT PLEASE REMEMBER IT IS A TIME FOR GIVING! The funds raised can be designated for the Boys and Girls Clubs and/or CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates). Please mail you checks to Christopher Real Estate Co. 9316 Center St Manassas VA 20110 c/o WALK. If you wish your money split between the organizations, put split in the memo section and make it to CASA, or your just make it direct to the organization you wish to support and mail to the above address.

These children need our help!! Cases of abuse, both sexual and physical have risen with the downfall of the economy. CASA must put on an extra staff person and needs several additional advocates to handle its case load. The Boys and Girls Club is trying desperately to reopen the doors to its Heiser Club in Dumfries.

Just this year in Greater Manassas and Prince William, we have seen and read of the abuse and deaths of several children. I need your help!!! Everyone knows about budget cuts in local and state government, these groups need us, the people to stand up! I will walk for 24 hours to bring notice to this desperate situation, please support me.

Finally, let me thank several who have already reached out in support:

Marty Nohe will walk some and raise money
Mark Worrilow will walk and raise money
Sherry Day will walk and raise money
Kelly Jiminez will walk and raise money
Jane Beyer who I always bounce ideas off
Fred, Ron, Anne, Hal, Tim, Jay and others who have sent checks
Maureen Caddigan, who encouraged me to give this a try

Thank you,
Austin Haynes
Boys and Girls Clubs


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