Common Core “College Ready” Standards Inadequate

Several months ago the National Governor’s Association, as part of the Common Core State Standards Initiative, issued a draft of it’s “College Readiness” standards. These standards claim to provide the essential mathematical skills necessary for High School students to move onto college level mathematics courses.

Unfortunately, the standards do nothing of the sort. They fail to provide any standards for high mathematical competencies necessary for students to compete for and obtain degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math (STEM). Furthermore, the “College Ready” standards fail to address mastery of numerous Algebra II and Geometry topics which are necessary for inclusion in non-STEM fields at many Colleges and Universities across this country.

According to the US Coalition for World Class Math, “This omission of significant portions of essential Algebra II and Geometry content renders the Common Core Standards inadequate for students who will enter undergraduate programs in STEM or even non-STEM disciplines in much of the country.” The Coalition encourages the states participating in the Common Core Initiative (and this includes Virginia) to refrain from adopting the “College-Readiness” Standards until they have adequately identified the content required for success in credit-bearing mathematics courses in their state universities.

You can find the US Coalition’s full review of the “College Ready” standards here.


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