State Board May Investigate PWCS

Some time ago we posted a article with concerns that the process followed by PWCS in adopting Investigations for elementary students countywide didn’t follow state procedures (see  here and a longer post here).  Officials with PWCS continued to assert that they had followed all applicable state regulations when it seemed quite clear to us that they had not.

The issue became a bit more confusing when employees at the Virginia Department of Education implied that local school districts didn’t need to follow state regulations and that the DOE wouldn’t enforce the regulations anyway.  That prompted one of our parents to contact Delegate Bob Marshall to determine whether state regulations matter.

Delegate Bob Marshall asked the VA Attorney General to look into the issue.  The AG recently issued his opinion (see here) and he concluded that local school districts do need to comply with regulations issued by the State Board of Education. The AG declined to rule on whether PWCS did or did not follow those regulations when it selected Investigations because issuing rulings on facts is not his delegated responsibility. That responsibility, according to the AG, rests with the State Board of Education.

Because concerns still exist regarding whether PWCS violated state regulations when it selected Investigations, Delegate Bob Marshall is considering contacting the State Board of Education and asking them to investigate.

The issue isn’t one of whether you think Investigations is great or terrible – it’s whether you think local school districts ought to follow state regulations or not. If you think it’s important for government agencies to follow the law, then maybe you should contact Delegate Marshall and ask him to push for an investigation. His contact information is below.

Delegate Bob Marshall
District phone: (703) 361-5416
Richmond phone: (804) 698-1013

3 Responses to “State Board May Investigate PWCS”

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  2. pwceducationreform Says:

    If the state board agrees to take on the case, at least the school system won’t be alone. It seems the US Dept. or Justice have been investigating possible bid-rigging and public corruption in the PWC government.

    Wonder how we let them know that corruption extends to the school system as well?

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    […] his opinion that the state statutes do actually apply to PWCS. A request has been submitted to the State Board of Education to investigate whether PWCS did or did not follow the law when it selected […]

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