Two Thumbs Up for VA Students!!!

Two Thumbs Up for VA Students!!!

In a recent US Dept of Education report entitled,  Achievement Gaps: How Black and White Students in Public Schools Perform in Mathematics and Reading on the National Assessment of Education Progress, Virginia was recognized for it’s accomplishments in closing the achievement gap.

The press release on the VA DOE web site quotes State Superintendent Patricia Wright as stating,  “Closing these gaps will require the continued commitment of educators, parents and community leaders to high standards and accountability.  The progress cited in today’s report provides encouragement that we can eliminate historic disparities even as we seek to raise the achievement of all students.”

Two Thumbs up for Virginia students!!!


3 Responses to “Two Thumbs Up for VA Students!!!”

  1. jackie4678 Says:

    So, since MI victims began testing in 2008 I wonder how the next round of NAEP random test results will fare? Virginia seems to have done a wonderful job narrowing the achievement gap PRIOR to 2007. Is this still the case? Certainly not based on SOL performance since ’08. Or, am I mistaken?

  2. lcbroyles Says:

    Does this diminished gap reflect an upward or downward trend? I assume that it means struggling students are being brought up to the level of at or above-level students. But, it’s unclear here.

  3. pwceducationreform Says:

    The achievement gap is the difference between white and minority student performance on tests. One of the objectives of most educational systems is to close that gap, or, to put it a bit less offensively, to ensure that all students regardless of ethnicity perform at approximately the same levels. As a result, many states have targeted efforts to reduce the achievement gap in their public schools.

    The graphs in the study are a bit confusing and overwhelming, but VA did appear to make slight progress in closing the achievement gap in several key areas. For that VA students and teachers deserve credit.

    What it means long term and in classroom instruction is beyond me.

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