11th High School Boundary Decision

On Wednesday May 20th, the school board voted to approve boundary Plan B1 for the 11th High School. You can find this plan on the PWCS web site.

The public hearing on the boundary recommendation was long. About 50 people spoke, with groups supporting plan C, C1, or B1.

Gil Trenum, the Brentsville District Board Member, proposed that the board adopt a revised version of Plan C1 which would have sent the Ashley’s Ridge community to the 11th High School and Great Oaks Community to Brentsville. Chairman Johns seconded the motion and added that he believed the Governor’s school students should be hosted at SJHS. The other board members commented that while they understood the parent’s concerns,  they believed that opening a school at 106% capacity and allowing that school to rise to 115% capacity in just a few years was not advisable, especially when a nearby school would be below capacity. Chairman Johns noted that in the past board members have deferred to the board member from the affected district in boundary decisions, and that that trend was apparently changing.

Mr Trenum’s motion was voted down 6 votes to 2, with Chariman Johns and Mr Trenum providing the Yea votes.

Plan B1 was then proposed by Mr Trenum, and, after some discussion, approved by the entire school board.


If you would like to comment about the board’s decision, please feel free to do so here.  Comments on all other boundary threads are now closed.


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