Survey Says…..

The 2009 PWCS Math Survey has been sent to “randomly” selected families.  The survey is intended to gauge support for the Investigations math program and identify areas of improvement.

If you were one of the lucky few to get a survey, please fill it out as honestly as you can.

There should be space for comments on the survey.  If you support it, please let the school system know that you’d prefer an alternate, more traditional  instructional program for your child.

Last year almost 13% of respondents indicated that they’d prefer an alternate program.  The school board ignored that but imagine how difficult it would be to ignore 20 or 30% requesting an alternate program.

6 Responses to “Survey Says…..”

  1. HoodwinkedByPWCS Says:

    Did EVERY parent receive the Olweus bullying survey/questionnaire? How hard would it be to send home a math questionnaire to EVERY parent? I have plenty to report in that department since my kid has been a victim of TERC for two years too many! Thanks again PWCS!

  2. blah blah blah Says:

    They’re afraid to send a survey to every parent. That kind of data would be to overwhelming to record.

    I think they should send out an electronic survey to every elementary parent. However, there should still be a spot for comments and the questions should be unbiased.

  3. Cannot Say Says:

    Teachers got the survey too. Even though the surveys are supposed to be anonymous, they are individually coded so admin knows exactly what each teacher said. I wonder if it’s the same with the parent survey.

  4. Monster_Mom Says:

    The parent surveys are individually coded as well. Do the survey’s go to your Principal or to the school testing office?

  5. rgb Says:

    This Spring is the 3d round of the PWCS “Math Investigations Appreciation Survey.” Lessons learned from the previous two years’ surveys (2007 and 2008):

    1. Parents of children in the grade levels allowed to use traditional mathematics (real textbooks and direct instruction) were deliberately not surveyed (2007 survey was for Grades K-2, 2008 for K-3, 2009 for K04). It is very important for PWCS not to have any comparative data that would tip the scale against the “Investigations” fuzzy math program.

    2. Individually numbered and coded surveys affords the opportunity for PWCS to use and discard information as desired and to keep track of employees who might not have “embraced the Investigations Math movement.” Several Board members commented about this last fall when selective survey results were presented at a Board meeting but beyond comment there’s little this board will do without an 8-0 rubber stamp vote so anonymity of employees is not likely.

    3. Individually coding parent surveys also allows “unfavorable responses” to be “controlled” or eliminated as needed. The central office staff has compiled an extensive list of those parents who’ve had the audacity to voice their concerns at School Board meetings — and handily have provided those statistics to the School Board in hopes that the data would be used to intimidate parents from speaking. The Occoquan District Board member did just that in a “we know who you parents are who have dared to speak up for your children and know where your children go to school” moment in the early Jan 2009 School Board Meeting. The Math Department sent the list of “problem parents data” to the Board at the first of the year, and at least one Board member was happy for the “ammunition.”

    4. The results of the 2008 math survey clearly showed the overwhelming parent concern and desire for traditional mathematics and dissatisfaction with “Investigations Math” (as indicated in the written comments to the survey questions where parents could comment). Yet this was intentionally not presented at the Sep 2008 School Board “Survey Results” briefing. Instead they said, “More communication” was what parents were asking for. The actual survey results are available from the PWCS Accountability Department. Ms. Holly Hess has provided copy to parents who’ve asked for it. Office number is 703.791.8346

    PWCS has spent $4-5 million on this program so far. It’s more of a political decision to stick with a dumbed down mathematics program than an educational quality issue. The outcome will be a gradual decline in student performance for those who aren’t supplementing/tutoring at home.

  6. Ed Says:

    We know the SOL results cannot improve with this; they can only go down. Are they just playing “pass the hot potato” until the next school board election and math text adoption?

    Nice to know how much they care about our kids, isn’t it.

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