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The following email regarding the 11th high school boundaries was forwarded to the moderator’s of this site.  It is being posted here, without editing, for your information.

One thing to bear in mind is that with the current fiscal problems in PWCS, the probability of the 12th high school opening in 2015 is low.  The county, for lack of a better way to put it, is out of money.

My only commentary on the email is that it seems odd that the VL community has decided to support plan C instead of plan C1.  The demographics and populations under both plans C and C1 are virtually identical.  Perhaps someone from the VL committee can explain their reasoning.


Please forward to members of the Braemar and Saybrooke community!!

Hello Residents of Braemar and Saybrooke,

The residents of Victory Lakes have been working diligently to be included in the 11th high school on Kettle Run Road in an effort to stay with our Marsteller peers.  We are requesting that the community of Braemar and Saybrooke join us in our effort to promote PLAN C to the School Board before their vote on Wednesday, May 20.

The PW Planning Committee has recommended Plan B1 which has Marsteller Middle School dividing its population into three high schools.  Victory Lakes has been advocating peer group continuity and believes Plan C moves towards a better feeder pattern than Plan B1.


-Plan C keeps the 11th high school UNDER capacity the longest as well as the lowest capacity in 2018.

Plan C
11th HS @ Kettle Run
2011  93.5%
2012  95.2%
2013 98.1%
2014 101.6%
2018 112.5%

Plan B1
11th HS @ Kettle Run
2011 97.4%
2012 99.2%
2013 101.8%
2014 104.4%
2018 113.1%

– Plan C limits the number of high schools Marsteller students feed into,
Brentsville and Kettle Run.  Feeder patterns should be a long term goal for PWCS.  It is what’s best for the children.

-Plan C meets the guidelines of the planning committee.

-Plan C has the best demographic balance of all 3 plans under consideration.

-Plan C takes into account the opening of the 12th high school 5 years later (Mid-county).

-Plan C moves the least amount of children out of all the Plans.  (per Dave Beavers in Planning)

Plan A1: 2,524 students
Plan B1: 2,693 students
Plan C: 2,299 students

Here is how you can show your support of Plan C:

GOOD – Write an email to the School Board.  It can be as simple as “I live in Braemar and Support Plan C”.  If you have time, write more in depth using any of the items above or your own concerns.

Milton C. Johns – Chairman at Large,
Gilbert A. Trenum, Jr. –  Brentsville District,
Donald Richardson – Gainesville District,
Betty Covington – Dumfries District,
Michael Otaigbe, PH.D. – Coles District ,
Grant Lattin ­ Occoquan District,
Julia Lucas, Neabsco District,
Denita Ramirez ­ Woodbridge District,

BETTER – Attend the School Board Meeting on Wednesday, May 20 at the Kelly Leadership Building.  Please join the Victory Lakes community in wearing RED to show our solidarity.

Kelly Leadership Building
14715 Bristow Road
Manassas, VA 20112

BEST – Sign up to speak on behalf of Plan C during Citizen’s comment time.

Citizens who wish to address the School Board under citizens comment time must notify the clerk to the School Board prior to noon on May 20, 2009. The clerk to the School Board may be reached by email at Please include your name, address and topic you wish to speak about.

If you have any questions or comments please send to

Thank you!

Your Linton Hall Neighbors

Residents of Victory Lakes


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